あの日の夢のアリス ~ 森羅万象

“Alice in Wonderland

The truth is a lie, the lie is a falsehood”

First Reitaisai 9 translation, and first occasion for me to talk in depth about that event. Song’s translation at the bottom –be aware this time is really long.

I didn’t like the past Reitaisai, it just had too many negative aspects, and just a little good. So far, from all the events I’ve followed, this one was a lot below my expectations. And have you noticed how many covers with Marisa (and an electric guitar) there are in this event?

This might be because a few days before it, Foreground Eclipse announced they wouldn’t had be able to finish their Demo CD in time, and delayed it –probably it’ll come out for C82, but still there aren’t official announcements. So my status passed from a “Oh yes, this will be amazing!” to a “Meh”.

Of all the CDs I was really waiting for, except for the one I still miss to listen to (namely, Barrage Am Ring 2 Side) no one made me think “This is beautiful”. On the other side, I was pretty amazed especially by “.JP”, “es” and “あの日の夢のアリス”, the one I didn’t expected something too great from, or expected just “ordinary” stuffs, but I was wrong –the tracks by Merami in the latter, that Ultimate Truth plus Border of Life arrangement and the Reincarnation one are fantastic.

One of the things I’ve been somehow excited for, is to see a CROW’SCLAW full instrumental album –right after saying during C81 “I wish Taka will go back to instrumental albums, Touhou related or not”. “Lightning Discharge” is without any doubt a strong album, full of very good metal. But the arrangements are nothing special, none of them nearly reaches the beauty of “Mystery Metropolis” –probably the best track Taka has ever arranged so far. If you expected a CROW’SCLAW album, this is a CROW’SCLAW album, but nothing else.

Sally’s “Syndrome” too, was nothing nearly the level of “Sally”. Even if I’ve found it a little better than “Sadomasochism”, the arrangements are just ordinary arrangements, there’s nothing special, though there are a lot of great parts. Parts that last for just a few seconds before the songs turns again into the ordinary, and aren’t enough to make a song “amazing”. In the end “Syndrome” has in it an incredible amount of wasted potential, which makes me cringe each time I think about it; just listen to the intro of “虹色キャンバス”, or “taste”, or to some parts of “con” (specially, the part between 0:40 and 1:20). If they’d arrange all this album following those parts, now we would have a second “Sally” out, or maybe something even better. Meh. And really, Sally made me say for the first time in my life on “虹色キャンバス”, I don’t want Merami as vocalist. At least they made a decent work on “SIN”, and on the tracks with Ranko as vocalist.

“SIN” is (I believe) the only Ten Desires arrangement missing from “Syndrome”; yeah, I’m talking about “Old Yuanshen”, track featured in “es”, a solo Merami album by monochrome-coat. An album which is, as usual, a mix of genres, like almost each of monochrome-coat’s album. The “bad” thing is that Merami wrote awesome lyrics for tracks I probably won’t ever listen to again –which made me sad. Anyway, “es” is a pretty good album, even if there isn’t anything amazing like it happened for their C81 –with the only exception of “転生輪廻”, a really great Reincarnation arrangement which made me almost cry; the lyrics are so beautiful.

“.JP” is another album I didn’t expected a lot from, but it actually turned out to be a very strong one, probably one of the best Kyshida has ever made. “DesireDrive” is really great, the track I’ve enjoyed most from it, together with “マスタースパーク”, which in some parts kinda reminds me their “High School of the Dead” opening. Even if I’m still disappointed by the phrase under the title, which says “Including TOHO Project Arrangement Track From Trojan Green Asteroid, Perfect Cherry Blossom, Magical Astronomy, and Imperishable Night”. Because “Ten Desires”, this unknown.

xi-on this time made something half-half. “東方志奏 11th Spell -Overflow-” is amazing over some aspects, and nothing special under others. I love how he arranged “Sakura, sakura” with Border of Life, and PCB stage 3 with Alice’s Theme. Ancient Temple is done in a pretty epic way, probably the best track from this album; over a lot of aspects, a great song. And also “Night Sakura of Dead Spirits” is at that level; perfect timing on merging the “strong” parts with the “light” one, sometimes it sounds more like a boss theme rather than a stage theme, while on another side it recalls all the essence of the original theme. But on the other hand, I’ve almost hated how he made “Till When?” and “Ultimate Truth” didn’t caught my attention at all.

Pizuya’s Cell’s “Excelsior” is just like “Rising Star” to me. I didn’t like “Rising Star”, and I didn’t like “Excelsior”. I by myself don’t like that much 3L; around I see a lot of people talking about how epic she is, but for me, she isn’t. She’s a good singer, but for most of the songs, she doesn’t bring out her potential –I’ve appreciated a lot “Retrospective” and “Apparition lover”, but I can’t stand her most of the times. Thus, bringing out an album really close to “Rising Star” for style, right after given us that little gem that is “Merciless Lazuli Rose”, with 3L all over it, made me almost scream “Pizuya, why are doing this?”

FELT’s album “Stand Up” is nothing special; while I consider “Silver Drive” really good, their Reitaisai 9 CD is even below their previous one. I really expected something more from they, but I bet I can’t ask for everything.

BUTAOTOME’s “実は繊細な貴女とたまに勇敢な私のなんだか騒いでるって話。” (long title is long) is ordinary BUTAOTOME, though with some tracks with this sense of “rush” in them –I wish they did something better for that “Magus Night” and “Fate of Sixty Years” arranges.

O-Life Japan’s “特臭幻想狂” is basically a plain metal /rock re-arrange of the original tracks; they’re just the original songs done with different instruments, I can’t even talk about “arrangement” actually. For me, this album is a completely flop.

Arte Refact’s “幻想遊戯館 -Fantastic Casino-” has some good songs in it, and surely its strong point is the present of great vocalist –Hanatan and Erica or all. But still, overall is nothing too good –but bonus points for arranging Suwa Foughten Field in a very light way for most of the song; song that with some fixed, it’d be an amazing one. I really expected something better here.

Riverside’s “MetamorphoXIs” is almost ordinary Riverside. Except for the fact except for “The Abyss”, which is like an arrange of “Obstruction”, and not of “Desire Drive”. Less “Foreground Eclipse”, less the great way Teto arranged some part of it. And more electronic parts. Still nice enough though. But still, they maybe put too many genres in the same album, and in the end (at least for me) it turned out in something too “common”, and without the great effort putted by them in some of their previous albums.

Sorry for the extremely long post, but I really wanted to spend a lot of time on this event and writing my impressions. Those are, more or less, the CDs which gave me the worst/best impressions. Well, I don’t have the time to write about each and every album I’ve listened to, but I can express my thoughts about Reitaisai with only this single word: “Delusion”.


あの日の夢のアリス | ano hi no yume no arisu | The Dream Alice made That Day; or, if you want to keep a more literal translation, “Alice’s Dream of That Day”. The structure of the title recalls the Japanese title of “Alice in Wonderland”, but I couldn’t find a good way to translated it in English while keeping this double meaning –maybe something like “Alice in Daydream” would fit, but I find it still pretty odd.

ケセラ ケセラ セラセララ | Que sera, que sera, sera, serara”; I couldn’t came up with a different translation here. My dictionaries didn’t brought me anywhere, and the only thing I can think about it is the song “Que sera, sera (Whatever it will be, will be)”. Personally I believe this is a quotation of it, or in Japanese it simple became an expression –like in my main language. Anyway, I’m opened to any interpretation and/or explanation about this~
何処に行ったか | Where did you go?”; I’ve decided to divided this sentence in two for some reasons, but considering this is a song, there’s also another way this phrase can be read. In the other way, you keep the phrase as a single one, so that becomes something like “Have you found something useful where did you went?”. I decided to divide the sentence because in the song they’re divided by a pause, and I don’t see anything which implies a subordinate status of the first part of the phrase.
貴女は箱の中の猫 | You’re like the cat inside the box that’s”; I can’t say this for sure, and it’s probably just my mind’s fault, but this could be a reference to Schrödinger’s paradox. This paradox implies that the cat is at the same time both alive and dead. Fact that’s impossible in reality, but possible in this thought theory. The reason lies in the fact that for knowing if the cat is dead or alive, you have to make an observation, you have to see it, so, before opening the box, you can only assume that the cat is both dead and alive, since those two options have the same probabilities. More or less, this is the “sense” of Schrödinger’s paradox. Talking about the relation with the song, I think it fits so well the duality, multiply themes and paradoxes in it. Of course I’ve omitted a lot of things, especially about how this experiment should take place. For further information just look around the net, or drop by a library and search there. Maybe at this point you might think it’s no sense, but once you’ve ended reading the song, you might change your mind. Also, just think about the previous lines, and how the song’s structured, with these “Question/Affirmation”, “It’s right/It’s wrong”, “I’m sure/I’m not sure”; it’s just like everything’s an illusion, where things are what they are, and what they seems they are (after all, we’re in wonderland). Just my interpretation though.
不思議が不可思議 | “Wonder” is a mystery”;  I believe here “Wonder” is a sort of abbreviation for “Wonderland”. But considering how many meanings this phrase could have, I won’t be surprised if this sentence has to be considered as “Miracles are a mystery”, or “A miracle is a miracle”.
君の 私の 探し物 | You, and I, saw something”; it’s pretty hard to translated this particular phrase, since “探し物” means “the object being sought” and the structure is what it is. On a normal text, I’d translated this phrase as “What you and I saw” or “The thing you and I saw”.
杯を 交わしてる | We share a cup of sake”; if I recall it right, this should sound something like “Let’s have a drink together”. Though, I’ve always seen it only with “sake” as object, and not “cup of sake”. Thus, I’m not sure if here the meaning is “We’re drinking together” or “We’ve exchange something”. So I’ve left a more literal translation –just to be sure.
今日は星空がとても綺麗な日 | Today is the day when the starry sky is incredible beautiful”; I’ve translated in this way, but if I had to follow the Japanese meaning, it actually turned out in something like “Today the starry sky makes and incredible beautiful the day”.
ようこそ 秘封倶楽部へ | Welcome in the Secret Sealing Club Music Department”; “秘封倶楽部” i show Renko and Mary are often called when they’re together. Which implies, there are Maribel and Renko at the tea party. I don’t know if this has other meanings in the context, but I believe it’s “just” a citation, like the one before –not sure if considering it a quote, but still.
はぁ もう 此処は何処なのよ! | Ah, enough! Where the hell is this place?!”; there’s no “the hell” or something similar in the Japanese text. But this is the only way for me to “translate” the pretty violent way this phrase is written –it’s kinda impossible to translate those ending particles, but from time to time, when they’re so forceful, or even so feminine, not translating them at all ruins the whole phrase. Or at least that’s what I think.
そう 不思議の国の 私はアリス | So, I am Alice in Wonderland”; here the structure phrase is pretty complex in Japanese –not at a grammatical level, but more as a concept. It’s really hard to explain this since once again here’s recalled the Japanese title of “Alice in Wonderland”; and this, complicate everything –and actually make it impossible to translate it in English while keeping all the meanings. In Japanese, this phrase can assume basically two meanings. One is the “plain” translation, which means something like “Alice’s wonderful country”, but also “My wonderful country”. But this phrase can also means “That Alice in Wonderland is me”, but also “Alice is me in Wonderland”. I hope with this note you can see the (in my opinion) beautiful work behind this phrase.
そうよここは魔界 | Really, this is Makai”; in this phrase “Makai” has the meaning of “hell”. It’s like it’s being said “This is really the hell”.
あぁ 幻想郷 | Ah, Gensokyou”; …and Gensokyou assumes probably its literal meaning of “Land of Illusions”. It’s just like the thought here is “Makai is such a terrible place, it’s so painful it can’t be true. It must be an illusion”.

Title: あの日の夢のアリス
Vocal: Candy, みぃ (Mie), MIRI, めらみぽっぷ (Merami)
Circle: 森羅万象
Album: あの日の夢のアリス
Event: 例大祭9
Original: 禁断の魔法 ~ Forbidden Magic | Forbidden Magic | Touhou 5 Mystic Square | Mai’s and Yuki’s Theme
Romantic Children | Touhou 5 Mystic Square | Stage 3 Theme
プラスチックマインド | Plastic Mind | Touhou 5 Mystic Square | Alice Margatroid’s Theme
神話幻想 ~ Infinite Being | Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being | Touhou 5 Mystic Square Shinki’s Theme
不思議の国のアリス | Alice in Wonderland | Touhou 5 Mystic Square | Extra Stage Theme
ブクレシュティの人形師 | The Doll Maker of Bucuresti | Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom | Stage 3 Theme
人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女 | Doll Judgment ~ The Girl who Played with People’s Shapes | Alice Margatroid’s Theme
ネクロファンタジア | Necrofantasia | Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom | Yakumo Yukari’s Theme
小さな小さな賢将 | A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander | Touhou 12 Undefined Fantastic Object | Nazrin’s Theme
平安のエイリアン | Heian Alien | Touhou 12 Undefined Fantastic Object | Houjuu Nue’s Theme
天空のグリニッジ | Greenwich in the Sky |大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy  | Celestial Wizardry ~ Magical Astronomy | CD
夜のデンデラ野を逝く | Wandering about a Ghostly Field in the Night | 蓮台野夜行 ~ Ghostly Field Club | Lotus Pedestal Field Travels in the Night ~ Ghostly Field Club | CD
魔術師メリー | Mary, the Magician | 蓮台野夜行 ~ Ghostly Field Club | Lotus Pedestal Field Travels in the Night ~ Ghostly Field Club | CD


ALICE 木漏れ日に お茶会を開いていると
開かれるのは 始まりの舞台挨拶
アリス イン ワンダーランド

ALICE komorebi ni ochakai wo hiraiteiru to
shimatteta ningyou ga hitoride ugokidashita
hirakareru no wa hajimari no butai aisatsu
fushigi de fukashigi na kuni kara no
arisu in wandaarando

If Alice is giving a tea party under the sunlight filtered through trees
It means the completed doll started to move by itself
So, let’s open the curtain on the beginning act
Wonderful greetings, from the mystery country of
Alice in Wonderland


「koko wa doko kashira…? ara, nanika kikoetekuru」

“I wonder, where is this place? Ah, I can hear something”

迷わずに進もう 迷いの森
明日が入口 昨日も入口
ほら しけた顔せずに 笑おうよ

mayowazu ni susumou mayoi no mori
ashita ga iriguchi kinou mo iriguchi
hora shiketa kao sezuni waraou yo
nanika komatteru kotogaarundeshou?

Don’t lose your way while preceding into the forest of the lost way
Tomorrow is the entrance; yesterday too is the entrance
Hey, don’t make that kind of face; just smile
Maybe you’re worried about something?

気付けば森の中で おおきな大冒険
あれも これも どれも そう 心配無用!

kidzukeba mori no naka de ooki na daibouken
sorenara makasete choudai
are mo kore mo dore mo sou shinpaimoyou!

If you can notice it, inside the forest, there will be a very great adventure
If that’s the case, you can trust me
That too, this too, everything too; so, there’s nothing to fear!

「楽しくなりそうねマイ?」 「・・・そうねユキ」

「tanoshiku narisou ne mai?」 「…sou ne yuki」

“Hey, aren’t you enjoying this, Mai?” “…it seems so, Yuki”

行けど行けど 迷いの森で
「ねぇちょっと 待ってってば」
まだなの? 何が?
まぁ まぁ 待って

yukedo yukedo mayoi no mori de
「nee chotto matteteba」
mada nano? nani ga?
gooru yo! gooru ne!
chotto okashikunai?
mou touchaku yo
onaji tokoro mawatte inai?
maa maa matte
kokora de hitoyasumi
iki isogazu ni

And walking, and walking, in the forest of the lost way
“Hey, can you wait a moment?”
Again? What?
The goal! Hey, the goal!
Haven’t we already passed here?
We already passed here
Aren’t we going around the same place?
Hey, hey, wait
Rest around here
Don’t be reckless

迷わずに進もう 迷いの森
ここが目的地 ゴールは貴女よ
あぁ 急がなくっちゃあの子に間に合わない

mayowazu ni susumou mayoi no mori
koko ga mokutekichi gooru wa anata yo
hontou no michi wa docchi nano yo?
(hontou no michi wa docchi deshou?)
Aa, isoganakuccha ano ko ni maniawanai

Don’t lose your way while preceding into the forest of the lost way
This is your place of destination, your goal
The right path, which way is it?
(The right path, I wonder which way is it?)
Ah, you must hurry, or you won’t be in time for that child


「sorejiaa oneesan, sokosoko tanoshikatta wa」

“Well then, big sister, it was a bit enjoyable”

そこを行くお嬢さん 何か探し物?
ケセラ ケセラ セラセララ

soko wo iku ojousan nanika sagashimono?
yokereba tetsudaimashou
ke sera ke sera sera serara

Will you go there, young lady, where you saw something?
If it’s fine, we can help each other
Que sera, que sera, sera, serara

そうよ 人形の通り道を探して迷い森
(うん うん? はぁ なるほどね)
確かこっち こっち?

sou yo ningyou no toorimachi wo sagashite mayoi mori
(un un? haa naruhodo ne)
doko ni kitta kanante shitteita rishinai?
maa ne!
tashika kocchi kocchi?

So! Search the doll’s path in the forest of the lost way
(Eh, eh? Ah, I see!)
Where did you go? Don’t you know anything which can help?
Well then!
Maybe is this way… This way?

そっちかも そっち?
あっちかな そっち?
どこだっけ? もう!
勿論さ 本当さ
此処は不思議 鏡の国のワンダーランド

socchi kamo socchi?
acchi kana socchi?
doko dakke? mou!
hontouni shitteiruno?
mochiron sa hontou sa
usotsuki na koe ga suru
anata wa hako no naka no neko
ikitete shindeiru
koko wa fushigi kagami no kuni no wandaarando

Or even that way… That way?
Maybe is that way… That way?
Where was it? Enough!
Do you really know it?
Of course, that’s the truth
Liar, I can tell from your voice
You’re just like the cat inside the box that’s
Alive and dead
Here’s wonderland, the mirror of the country of Wonderland

あべこべ世界は 鏡よ鏡
右から左へ お城へ進め
何でもあるようで 何にもなあい
求めりゃ出てくる 友達
不思議か不可思議 ララララララ

abekobe sekai wa kagami yo kagami
migikarabidarihe oshiro e susume
nandemo aru you de nanimo nai
tomerya detekuru tomodachi
fushigi ka fukashigi rararararara

In the other world, mirrors and mirrors
From left to right, precede to the castle
There will be everything, there will be nothing
If you want it, I’ll come out, friend
A wonder is a mystery, lalalalalala

何処からか聞こえてくる 優しい声
一息ついて 落ち着くまでは

doko kara ka kikoetekuru yasashii koe
koko wa mori noikoinoba sho?
hitoikitsuite ochitsuku made wa
sukoshi dake oyasuminasai

You can hear coming from somewhere, a soft voice
Is this the forest’s place for relaxing and refreshing?
Take deep breaths, until you’ve calmed down
Just for a bit, good night

探し物なら 任せておきなさい

kore wa kore wa ojousan
「dare? 」
yokereba otasukeita shimashou
sagashimono nara makasete okinasai
kitto mitsukaru deshou

Here, here, young lady
“Who’s it?”
What’s the matter?
If it’s fine, I can help you
If you saw something, please trust it
Surely, you will find something

君の 私の 探し物
すぐに あの子が 見つかるから

kimi no watashi no sagashimono
suguni ano ko ga mitsukaru kara
kono michi wo zutto susunde ikeba
(kono michi wo susumeba ii no?)
kanarazu deaeru yo
「fufu, okiwotsukete」
「anata mo ne」

You, and I, saw something
Immediately, that child, has been found
If I keep going on this path
(It’s fine if I go on this path?)
I can always meet you
“Thank you”
“Eh eh, be careful”
“You too”


「nandaka fushigi na dobira… kore hiraku no kashira?」

“What a strange gate… I wonder if I can open it?”

「ねぇメリー!」 「どうかしたの?」
「星が綺麗よ!」 「そのようね」
今日は 扉越しに
不格好な 椅子に座り
杯を 交わしてる
そっとそっと 覗き込んだ 隠し部屋

「nee marii!」 「doukashitano?」
「hoshi ga kirei yo!」 「sonoyou ne」
kyou wa tobira goshi ni
「isshoni hoshi wo miyou!」
bukakkou na isu ni suwari
sakazuki wo kawashiteru
sotto sotto nozokikonda kakushibeya

“Hey, Mary!” “What’s the matter?”
“The stars are so pretty!” “Indeed”
Today, while crossing the gate
“Let’s see the stars together!”
Sitting on awkward chairs
We share a cup of sake
Quietly, quietly, I looked into the hidden room


kyou wa nani no hi ka nante oboeteru?
kyou wa hoshizora ga totemo kirei na hi
hoshizora ni kanbai

You can’t even remember which day today is?
Today is the day the starry sky is incredibly beautiful
A toast to the starry sky

「ようこそ お茶会に」
「ようこそ 秘封倶楽部へ」
「今日は 星が綺麗」
「今日は とてもね」
他に 何も いりやしない
何でもないけれど この星空に乾杯

oniaina futari no ochakai ni
oshama shite hanashi wo kiitemita
「youkoso ochakai ni」
「youkoso hifuu kurabu e」
「kyou wa hoshi ga kirei」
「kyou wa totemo ne」
hokani nanimo iriyashinai
nandemonai keredo kono hoshizora ni kanpai

At the tea party of two well-matched people
I intruded in and tried to listen to their speech
“Welcome at the tea party”
“Welcome to the Secret Sealing Club”
“Today stars are pretty”
“Today they really are”
In addition, nothing can enter
But don’t think about it, let’s have a toast to this starry sky

ごちそうさま 気にしないで
それじゃ どこ行くの?
帰るわ あらそうなの?
引き攣る メランコリー
誰も 気付かず

gochisousama kinishinai de
sorejia doko iku no?
kaeru wa arasou no?
mata ne
hikitsuru merankorii
daremo kidzukazu
oikakeru sugata ni fukitsu na koe

I won’t mind thanking for the meal
Well then, where do we go?
Let’s go home! Isn’t that rude?
See you later
You have a spasm, of melancholy
But nobody notices you
The chased person has a sinister voice

「はぁ もう 此処は何処?」
此処は幻想 夢の狭間
真は嘘 嘘は偽りよ
願えば叶う 何を願うの?
何でもいいわ ほら

「haa mou koko wa doko?」
nani wo seiteru no? ningyoutsukaisan
koko wa gensou yume no hazama
ma wa uso uso wa itsuwari yo
negaeba kanau nani wo negau no?
nandemo ii wa hora

“Ah, enough! Where’s this place?”
Are you rushing for what? Miss puppeteer
Here’s an illusion; a dream’s interstice
 The truth is a lie, the lie is a falsehood.
If you can have a desire to come true, what will you wish?
Anything would be fine. Look

始まりは彼方 パレードは進んでいく
閉じ込めた鳥は もう何もかもが
前へ ただ 行進して行くの

hajimari wa kanata pareedo wa susunde yuku
tojikometa tori wa mou nanimokamo ga
mae e tada koushin shite iku no

The origin is that way, the parade proceeds
For the bird imprisoned, there’s nothing more to do
In the end, as usual, the parade goes on

陽が沈み 月が出る森の中 闇の中
此処に来て 此処にいる 意味はある そうかしら
万物を受け入れる 此処はそう 夢の狭間
「はぁ もう 此処は何処なのよ!」

hi ga suzumi tsuki ga deru mori no naka yami no naka
mayou ni susuminasai ojousan
anata no koto yo
koko ni kite koko ni iru imi wa aru sou kashira
banbutsu wo ukeireru koko wa sou yume no hazama
「haa mou koko wa doko na no yo!」

The sun sinks, the moon comes out from the middle of the forest, from the middle of the dark
Please don’t lose your way while preceding, young lady
It’s your fault
We came here, we stayed here; there’s a meaning. Maybe that’s it
Accept everything, here’s really a dream’s interstice
“Ah, enough! Where the hell is this place?!”

小さなおもちゃに おおきな絵本
どこかで見たような ここはワンダーランド
懐かしくて 懐かしくて
不思議なほど そうよ

chiisana omocha ni ooki na ebon
dokoka de mita you na koko wa wandaarando
ano ko wa docchi ni itta no kashira?
natsukashikute natsukashikute
samayotte iru to
ohimesama ni atte shimatta
dejavu  wo kanjiteiru
kushiginahodo sou yo
「anata wa daare?」

In a little toy, there’s a big picture book
I already saw something like this. Here’s “Wonderland”
I wonder which way did that child go?
Dear, dear
If you’re wandering
You will meet the spoiled girl
I’m feeling a déjà vu
Marvellous, really
“Who are you?”

そう 不思議の国の 私はアリス
私の国 入らないでよ
薄汚い人形は お城に向かって行ったわ
まるで鏡越し 私たちは

sou fushigi no kuni no watashi wa arisu
watashi no kuni hairanai de yo
usugitanai ningyou wa oshiro ni mukatta itta wa
marude kagami goshi watashitachi wa
onaji sekai wo miteiru dake yo

So, I am Alice in Wonderland
My land, don’t enter inside it
A filthy doll went through the castle
We go across each mirror, but we
Keep seeing the same worlds

もう小さなおもちゃに おおきな絵本
あの頃見ていた 小さなワンダーランド
鏡よ鏡よ 遊びましょう

mou chiisana omocha ni ooki na ebon
ano koro miteita chiisana wandaarando
kagami yo kagami yo asobimashou
(anata wa watashi mata aimashou)
mata aimashou

Again, in a little toy there’s a big picture book
In those days I was seeing a little “Wonderland”
Mirrors and mirrors, let’s have a good time
(Let’s meet again, you and me)
Let’s meet again

変わる事のない景色には ぽっかりと空いた穴
あの子は今どこでなにを ぽっかりと空いた胸

kawaru koto no nai keshiki ni wa bokkari to aita ana
ano ko wa ima doko de nani wo bokkari to aita mune
koko wa makai
mayoikonde shimatta
koko wa makai
kamisama no odemashi da
katawara ni wa chiisana ningyou
koko wa makai da

In this situation, things don’t change. A lightly opened hole
That child, what is doing, and where? A lightly opened chest
This is “Makai”
You’ve lost your way
This is “Makai”
God’s appearance is
Near the one of a little doll
This place is “Makai”


「okasan? nande konna toko ni!?」
「watashi wa nanimo shiteinai wa, konna toko ni kita no wa anata yo, arisu」

“Mother? Why in a place like this one?!”
“I have nothing to do with this, the one who came to this place is you, Alice”

どこまでも 怖れられず
一歩二歩三歩四歩 何処へでも行こう
燃やせよ さあ手を
燃やせよ こちらへ
絆を 久しぶりに踊りましょう
そうよここは魔界 あぁ 幻想郷

narabu youkai ni wa oyobu koto naku
dokomademo osorerarezu
ushirokara sotto sotto
ippo ni po  san po yon po doko e demo yukou
moyaseyo saa te wo
moyaseyo kochira e
kizuna wo hisashiburi ni odorimashou
sou yo koko wa makai aa gensoukyou

You’ve reached the state of a Youkai without accident
You can’t be afraid anymore
From behind, quietly, quietly
One step, two steps, three steps, four steps; let’s go, but where?
It burns; the hand
It burns; this way
A relationship; after a long time, let’s dance
Really, this is “Makai”; ah, Gensokyou

懐かしい世界に私は なぜ迷い込んだんだろう?
きっとそれは 気付いてる

natsukashii sekai ni watashi wa naze mayoikondandarou?
kitto sore wa kidzuiteru
fushigi na kuni no kotae awase yo

I, in my dear world; why have I lost my way?
Surely, I will recognize that
The response of the wonderful land matches

私の物語 決して過去には生きてない

watashi no monogatari keshite kako ni wa ikitenai
koko wa gensoukyou
anata ga watashi wo michibiite kureta

My tale, in the past has never existed
This is Gensokyou
You’ve shown me the way

これは一冊の(これは 誰の 物語なの?)
本から生まれた物語(本の中 飛び出す)
ページを開けば そう

kore wa issatsu no (kore wa dare no monogatari na no?)
hon kara umare monogatari (hon no naka tobidasu)
paaji wo hirakeba sou
watashi no monogatari ga hajimaru deshou (sou deshou)

This is a copy (Who’s tale is this?)
A tale was born from that book (From that book, I jumped out)
If you open a page, then
My tale will begin, really (It seems so)

きっと誰しも 待ってる人がいるから
笑顔だけ抱えて エピローグを迎えよう
そんなことをそう気付かせてくれた あの子も
大切な私たちの 家族だと呼べるような ストーリー

kitto dareshimo matteru hito ga iru kara
egao dake kakaete epiroogu wo mokaeyou
sonna koto wo sou kidzukasete kureta ano ko mo
daisetsu na watashitachi no kazoku da to yoberu you na sutoorii

Since surely, there are people waiting for everyone
And carring a smile, let’s meet the epilogue
I’ve let everyone noticed things like this, even that child
If our family is important to us, we can call even our own story


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