overtuRe ~ Roselia

Notes Well, well, well. Like pretty much every other Roselia’s song, there are a lot of references to other lyrics and songs. I’m not sure I ever mentioned this to be honest, but still. Better late than never, I guess? The “Blue Rose” is, of course, “Roselia”. A more direct translation would be “Beliefs that … More overtuRe ~ Roselia

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year and (late) Merry Christmas! There is no true purpose about this post – I honestly just want to wish you all an awesome year, especially after all the things that happened in 2020. Hopefully in 2021 I will remember to post more on this website instead of leaving one translation per year. … More Happy New Year!!


Title: GLORIOUS DAYS Vocals: yuiko Lyrics: yuiko Composition: Meis Clauson Arrangement: Meis Clauson Circle: Primary Album: SHUTTER*GIRL Event: M3-37 GLORIOUS DAYS 足りないもの探してた いつかは辿り着けるかな どんな道も歩けるように 目を閉じたまま何も 見えない不安の中で 今 たった一つ 見つけた夢 tarinai mono sagashiteta itsuka wa tadoritsukeru kana donna michi mo arukeru youni me wo tojita mama nanimo mienai fuan no naka de ima tatta hitotsu mitsuketa yume I … More GLORIOUS DAYS ~ Primary


Title: BLACK SHOUT Vocals: Roselia Lyrics: 織田あすか (Oda Asuka | Elements Garden) Composition: 上松範康 (Noriyasu Agematsu| Elements Garden) Arrangement: 藤永龍太郎 (Fujinaga Ryuutarou | Elements Garden) Album: Roselia 1st Single 「BLACK SHOUT」| Anfang From: バンドリ! ガールズバンドパーティ! | BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! BLACK SHOUT 暗い夜も【fighting】 怯えずに今【smiling】 信じた道【running】 迷わず進もう 黒でもいい【all right】 白じゃなくても【ok】 不条理を壊し 私は此処に今 生きているから kurai yoru mo … More BLACK SHOUT ~ Roselia