Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year and (late) Merry Christmas!

There is no true purpose about this post – I honestly just want to wish you all an awesome year, especially after all the things that happened in 2020.

Hopefully in 2021 I will remember to post more on this website instead of leaving one translation per year.

Random fact: I recently (read: beginning of December) had some time to listen to some of the new songs Roselia has released and… listening to them makes me want to translate them.

This said, first thing first, which for me is: finding a company where I can work and actually grow with the company itself, improving every day and, let me quote myself, struggling for neverending “perfection”. And this all.

Have a great year!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. I’m curious to know which song you liked the most from the new Roselia ones! Looking forward to future tls~

    Happy New Year, Jae! Hopefully 2021 will be a better year, and I hope you can find the workplace you’re looking for!

    1. Avant-garde HISTORY is def my favorite, followed by ZEAL of proud. Song I Am is a bit too much Determination Symphony for my tastes — I have this “already listened to this song” vibes for most of the song, but I still enjoy it a lot. Blessing Chord’s intro/part of the instrumental makes me sing in my head “simply having a wonderful christmas time” :’D But all the other parts of the song are great so I forgive the song (and my mind). Then I probably should mention yakusoku, because I love it and the full version is even more awesome. And that’s pretty much it!

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