New year, new approach, (somehow) new motto

It’s been more than a month since 2021 started, and I tried finding some more time to translate songs. Time I found on my morning train if it’s not too packed — so yes, I will probably write more posts on this blog… or at least I will try to write more posts than 2020.

This said, I want to tell you one of the “biggest” changes I want to bring here — which you will not really see, but hopefully you will feel. And this change is about my translation approach.

I had this beautiful conversation with my wife (random note: I got married last year with my significant other, she is Japanese, fluent in English and Spanish) about lyrics translation that made me think and decided to use a different approach from now one.

She told me, “You have to understand the language (read: Japanese) , and you need to understand the soul of that language. Then, you have to think about what the lyrics don’t tell you and what they try to say”. Then we had a long talk about a certain Roselia’s song and what could be the meaning of certain parts -which I’ll cut.

So, this is what I’ll try to do from now on, most of the times with the help of my amazing wife. To put in other words, you will start to see translations that try to be as close as possible to the Japanese lyrics, but at the same time will try to make sense even where lyrics fail to make sense. However, it’s against my beliefs to give my interpretation to the lyrics; searching the meaning of a song should be left to the reader/listener. Still, I don’t want to give a meaningless/nonsense translation — so this will be the tricky part. And this will be my new approach.

I stopped trying to translate literally a long time ago; now it’s time for me to change and do more, striving for never-ending perfection — yep, no more “struggling”.

2 thoughts on “New year, new approach, (somehow) new motto

  1. Congratulations on your marriage!
    I’m curious to see translations using the new approach, it’s nice hearing you’ll be posting more frequently

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