楽園の扉 ~ 青葉りんご

s6813786Maybe I should feel ashamed because I know so many eroges, but I honestly don’t care. For some reasons, eroges have some of the best OSTs I’ve ever heard and this for me is a valid reason to know all those “unsafe” stuffs. It always amazes me how great are the soundtracks overall, though I’m not sure if it’s simple luck or not. What I know is that so far I personally have loved way more OSTs from eroge games than OSTs from other games, being indie or not, but it may all be just a coincidence since I’ve relatively played very few eroges/listened to eroges’ OSTs compared to other games.

Anyway, speaking about “euphoria”… I’ve played only the demo. And not even fully. And it was pretty cruel and grotesque, and for sure it’s not something for everyone. I’m so bipolar towards this game though: part of me is fascinating about the setting and character development, but at the same time the other part of me doesn’t’ want to play it because… well, it’s not “soft” at all. I know there’s out an OVA as well, but I’m afraid to watch it.

Before moving on, I should warn you about the fact there are many references to the game itself –like in the first phrase, this “white darkness” isn’t something random- so if you don’t understand something, it’s probably because one must play the game to get them. Stated this, since I don’t want to give any spoiler, I haven’t explained any of the references –it’s just like Mirai Nikki’s opening which is wholly a spoiler but you don’t realize it until you actually get into the story. I apologize if something isn’t clear.


楽園の扉”, “rakuen no tobira”, “The door to paradise”. Normally, I would translate this title as “The door to/of paradise” without saying anything else, but considering this is “euphoria”, I believe they used “楽園” to leave the ambiguity about which kind of “pleasure” is it, because literally, this title means “The door of/to the pleasure garden”

愛よ | Love”; pretty obvious this is a bible reference though, since I’m not sure whether everyone knows it or not, I’ve preferred to stated it. On a translation side, this phrase is structured so that it’s not clear if “love” is the subject or not, so one can also interpret it as “Love makes you the incarnation of snake” or “Love became the incarnation of snake”. I personally picked the last one, but both are valid.
甘い罠にあなた | Invites”; literally the second part of this phrase becomes “Poison fangs of dream(s) played by kind lies”. Which makes no sense –and seeing this phrase as part of the next one makes even less sense to me. My guess is that the “right” construction is “優しい嘘(と)毒牙の夢で奏でる” but aside this, I’ve decided to not translate “poison fangs” but to keep only “poison”, because “The dream of poison fangs” is just… no. I can’t exclude is a reference to a part of the game I don’t remember/haven’t played though.
“救いの手伸 | I grab”; it’s hard to translate this phrase because the literal translation is “I grab the hand of help”, which it can be either seen as “I grab the hand which will save me” or “I grab the hand which might save me” or even “I grab the hand which I think will help me”.
楽園追われた | We pursued”; note that I’ve considered this phrase as being “傷ついたって恋人のように楽園追われた” and the next one to be “扉をこじ開けて信じる”, because I have no better ideas. Also, note that “future” is pronounced as “tomorrow”.

Title: 楽園の扉
Vocal: 青葉りんご (Ringo Aoba)
Lyrics: Takt-W
Composition: 上原一之龍 (Ichinoryu Uehara)
Arrangement: 上原一之龍
Published by: dandelion RECORDS
Album: パンドラの楽園/楽園の扉 | Euphoria Soundtrack
From: “ユーフォリア”, “euphoria” Opening Theme.


白い闇を抱く 檻に囚われても
燃える炎で 歪む愛の鎖に繋いで

shiroi yami wo daku ori ni towaretemo
nozomu anata ni furetai
moeru honoo de yugamu ai no kusari ni tsunaide

I hold a white darkness, trapped into a cage
I want to touch the one I wish
Burning within flames, tied by the chains of a distorted love

二度と戻れない 悪夢(ゆめ)に焼かれても
地の底の楽園で 貴方を解き放つ

nidoto modorenai yume ni yakarete mo
hontou no kotae ga shiritai
chi no soko no rakuen de anata wo tokihanatsu

Unable to turn back, burned by this dream
I want to know the true answer
Within this underground paradise, you are free

愛よ 蛇の化身になれ
甘い罠にあなた誘う 優しい嘘で奏でる毒牙の夢
溺れるまま 眠れ・・・

ai yo hebi no keshin ni nare
amai wana ni anata sasou yasashii uso de kanaderu dokuga no yume
oboreru mama nemure…

Love, the snake’s incarnation
Invites you to a sweet trap where we play with kind lies and poisoned dreams
Until you’ll drown and sleep…

叶えてあげる 本音聴かせて
満たせたら 何もいらない

sekaijuu no kanashimi daite mo
kanaete ageru honne kikasete
nikushimi demo anata no kioku wo watashi dake de
mitasetara nanimo iranai

I hold the world’s sadness so that
I’ll make it true. Hear my true intentions
In this hatred, if I’m the only one who can fulfill your memories
You’ll need nobody else

想い乱れても 誰も知らぬ世界
焦がれよがれ つらぬいて
きっと 滅びてはじまる

omoi midarete mo daremo shiranu sekai
kogare yogare tsuranuite
kitto horobite hajimaru
sukui no te nobashite

My feelings confused in a world nobody knows
Yearn, satisfy yourself, penetrate
Surely, I’m breaking yet
I grab that hand

虚構の夢が 壊されても
幸せなの だから…

kyokou no yume ga kowasarete mo
futari sugosu ima wa honmono
namida sae mo soba ni iru akashinara
shiawase na no dakara…

This fabricated dream has been destroyed
Together, we go on and now it’s real
Even tears, next to me, if they’re the proof
I’m happy, then I…

傷ついてたって 信じる扉をこじ開けて
本当の未来(あす)へ 旅立つ

anata dake ga watashi no genjitsu
rakuen owareta koibito no youni
kizutsuitatte shinjiru tobira wo kojiakete
hontou no asu e tabidatsu

You are my one and only reality
We pursued the paradise like lovers
Hurt, believing to wrench open that door
Going towards a true future

叶えてあげる 本音聴かせて
憎しみでも あなたの記憶を私だけで
満たせたら 何もいらない

sekaijuu no kanashimi daite mo
kanaete ageru honne kikasete
nikushimi demo anata no kioku wo watashi dake de
mitasetara nanimo iranai

I hold the world’s sadness so that
I’ll make it true. Hear my true intentions
In this hatred, if I’m the only one who can fulfill your memories
You’ll need nobody else


10 thoughts on “楽園の扉 ~ 青葉りんご

  1. This song is amazing. Part of the reason I stuck through the game despite the guro and my poor Japanese reading skills. There are eventually twists and turns and even some “soft” spots as well. I’ll probably replay it when the English translation is out. You can probably skip the OVA though, I heard it doesn’t get very far into the story, so it’s “just porn”.
    Oh yeah, the vocalist Ringo Aoba also voices the main heroine Nemu. Really talented!

    1. Thank you very much for the info!
      I probably won’t play Euphoria anytime soon though, there are many VNs before it on my “Must play” list -I’m really just procastinating, I recall it being a lot “strong” and well, kinda awaiting for the official English translation.
      Ringo Aoba has really a beautiful voice, if I remember right she voiced other characters for other eroges. She also sung quite a lot of openings/endings, but I consider this one and Euphoria’s anime opening two of the best tracks she sung so far. I just love her when she sings in this way!

  2. Great song.
    I believe some lyrics needs editing. I am not proficient in Japanese nor English but I’ve seen three translation of this song and other two match each other perfectly so I have to assume yours might be off.

    I hold a white darkness -> Although we are trapped in
    Unable to turn back -> Even if I am unable to turn back and get burned
    Hear my true intentions -> Please let me hear your heart

    The rest of the lines should be:

    If I could fill you with memories of me, be that of disgust[hatred]
    nothing else will ever matter to me.

    Other lines:

    Even if you get distracted, inside a secluded world
    Please penetrate me with flaming love
    No doubt the desolation is coming,
    But lend me a hand, if you please

    Even if this false world trembles down
    The moments we were together are real as ever
    The fact that the tears that will stay will forever evidence these moments
    Makes me contented[happy enough]

    May we get hurt, but by opening the door we trust

    1. Surely I need to check it out.
      I still have a lot to learn about Japanese, expecially about particular expressions.
      I apologize for the very late answer and thank you for pointing it out :3

  3. I know i may sound a bit demanding here but could you also make a video with the lyrics? For us non-japanese speaking people its the closest thing we can do to fully understand its meaning.

    1. I’m not really sure why I wasn’t able to see your comment up until now, anyway…
      Apologizes for the months of delay.
      To answer your question: I know it might be the best way making video lyrics, but I won’t do it first because not all the artists agree on having their songs uploaded (with lyrics or not) somewhere, second because doing both videos and translations would drain me too much time. Maybe, in a future, if I get permission from artists I will do so, but up until that day, you won’t see lyrics video by me.
      I apologize for this and again, for the very late replay.
      I wish you a good day!

    1. For sure some parts are. I’m still learning Japanese (though I had to stop studying it for more than a year due to work), I’m not a native English speaker and well, there’s always room to improve :3
      I’m moving to Japan in a few days, so in a couple of months, once I’ll have improved it, I’ll come back and revise this translation… hoping I will remember ahah
      If you have any suggestion to improve it, I’m always open to them!

  4. haven’t watch the ova, yet, the game itself is pretty good. unfortunately didn’t got the true end yet. thanks for the translation anyway. I can now understand why it matches so much with the game

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