To The Terminus ~ Foreground Eclipse

Notes Title: To The TerminusVocal: Merami / Yuyoyuppe (Seated With Liquor)Scream: Teto / Yuyoyuppe (Seated With Liquor)Composition: TetoArrangement: Teto / Yuyoyuppe (Seated With Liquor)Album: Foreground Eclipse Demo CD vol. 08 / Seated With LiquorEvent: M3-28 / C83 To The Terminus Does anyone see me 光差せば影在り 何かが始まる その裏できっとどこかで何かが 終わりを迎える hikari saseba kage ari nanika ga hajimaru sono ura dekitto … More To The Terminus ~ Foreground Eclipse

When Innocence is Just a Mask ~ Foreground Eclipse

I will probably re-translate some more Foreground Eclipse’s songs, because why not (also, old translations are old and FgE are/were my favorite band). /WHY THEY DISBANDED/ Notes There is no explicit “ ‘cause” in Japanese, but this phrasing conveys better the original meaning. I wish I could say this is a straightforward phrase with no … More When Innocence is Just a Mask ~ Foreground Eclipse

overtuRe ~ Roselia

Notes Well, well, well. Like pretty much every other Roselia’s song, there are a lot of references to other lyrics and songs. I’m not sure I ever mentioned this to be honest, but still. Better late than never, I guess? The “Blue Rose” is, of course, “Roselia”. A more direct translation would be “Beliefs that … More overtuRe ~ Roselia

Lost Sorrow ~ Primary

Title: Lost Sorrow Vocals: yuiko Lyrics: yuiko Composition: Meis Clauson Arrangement: Meis Clauson Circle: Primary Album: SHUTTER*GIRL Event: M3-37 Lost Sorrow 嘘が過去を変えるなら すべてを失くしてもいい 指先で描いた夢は 叶わない それでいいから uso ga kako wo kaeru nara subete wo nakushite mo ii yubisaki de egaita yume wa kanawanai sore de ii kara If lies could change the past I’d be okay … More Lost Sorrow ~ Primary

Keep Changing ~ Primary

Title: Keep Changing Vocals: yuiko Composition: Meis Clauson Arrangement: Meis Clauson Circle: Primary Event: M3-40 Album: liberator Keep Changing 安全策ばかりなんて そんなん勿体ない話 傷つけあって足掻いて生きていけ! anzensaku bakari nante sonnan mottainai hanashi kidzutsukeatte agaite ikiteike! Talking only about safe plans Is a waste of time Get hurt, struggle, get out and live! 難しいなんて当然の事だって いつだって僕は覚悟していたはずだ 振り返らない 道はもうないから 崖っぷちなら進める気がしたんだ muzukashii nante … More Keep Changing ~ Primary

断章を紡ぐ序曲 ~ Imperial Circus Dead Decadence

First post of 2019, so happy new year! And for your (my?) joy, I’ve fixed the comiket number because I was one year ahead. A post about winter comiket would have been more appropriated, but (of course) I got sick and wasn’t able to go there. Hence, I haven’t bought any C95 album yet. Hence, … More 断章を紡ぐ序曲 ~ Imperial Circus Dead Decadence