So, why this song instead of “The Fairy Dot Com”? Well, the answer is very simple.

Today is my friend’s birthday, and she is a huge fan of BUTAOTOME. At first I didn’t want to translate something because of this, since I didn’t feel like doing it. Lately I actually don’t feel like doing anything to be honest. Anyway, for some reasons, the other day I was in a good mood, and so I translated this song. “Maybe my will of translating will come back”, I thought. Well, it hasn’t. But translating this song was pretty funny, I’m glad I picked up this one~

And with this, I’ll go back once again into my “break”, though considering I’m writing this the 7th, by the time you’ll read this I’ll be already out. I want just to remind that with this, schedule had a little change; “The Fairy Dot Com” will be published the 22nd March and all the translations will shift of some days (the one that would have been published the 22nd will be published the 26th and so on). Well, this is truly all for now.

Happy birthday. And you should know why I picked up this song. And if you don’t… use the imagination. I hope I haven’t skipped anything.


痛み本舗”, “Pain shop”. It’s the only song I’ve translated so far where I actually felt the necessity of filling some phrases with exclamation marks.

2年前彼奴 | Two years ago”; I used “they” as subject because in Japanese the term is actually neutral, but I know no neutral singular pronoun in English. So basically, this phrase refers to that one customer mentioned a couple of lines above. Also, I’ve added some words to make this stanza more “fluid”, or at least trying to make it more fluid-
その痛み | That pain”; “ペイン” is putted as a pun (if it can be called pun) in the phrase; basically instead of using Yen, they use Pain, and since in Japanese “ペイン” and “痛み” are pronounced in a different way, I’ve putted instead of “ペイン” the Japanese word for pain, “itami”, to avoid confusion. Even if there’ll be a lot of confusion. I don’t even know what I just wrote. And this is probably an unnecessary note.
“痛みとは | Pain has”; it’s actually “living beings” and not “everyone”, but in my opinion it sounded a little odd, so I’ve decided to put “people”. Anyway, the meaning is really “Pain has always changed all those living beings who can feel it”.

Title: 痛み本舗
Vocals: ランコ (Ranko)
Lyrics: コンプ (Comp)
Arrangement: コンプ
Circle: 豚乙女 (BUTAOTOME)
Album: 花札
Event: C85



machihazure ni omise wo dashita
“watashi no itami, ourishimasu”
kanban ni wa akai penki de
“itami no soudan omakase wo”

At the town’s suburbs  I opened a shop
“Here, I will sell my own pain”
On the sign, with red paint, I wrote
“Leave it to the pain counselor!”

さぁ どれにいたしましょうか?

mata hitori okaku ga kita wa
saa dore ni itashimashou ka?

Again alone, a costumer came
So, which one will be your choice?


ninen mae aitsu ni uketa itami
hachinen mae no wa shoushou otakai desu
henpin wa kounyuu kara nanakakan
kaifuugo wa narubeku hayame ni douzo

Two years ago, they received a lot of pain
Eight years ago, only in a small quantity
You can return goods within seven days from the purchase
Please open the package as soon as possible


shibarakushitemo te wo hirogeta
“anata no itami, kaitorishimasu”
“kanban ni wa aoi penki de
“donna itami mo sokkin de”

My business grew bigger in a short time
“Here we purchase your pain”
On the sign, with blue paint, I wrote
“We buy outright any kind of pain!”

さぁ どんな痛みでしょうか?

attoiumaeni gyouretsu dekita
saa donna itami deshou ka?

In the blink of an eye, there was a long queue
So, which pain will it be?

恥ずかしがらずに ドシドシお持ち下さい

sono itami, arikitari de gohyaku pein
kono itami, kanari no kougaku desu
nisemono wa issai kaitorimasen
hazukashi garazuni doshidoshi omochikudasai

That pain is common, it will be 500 Itami
This pain, it will be a fairly high price
I will not buy imitations, without exception
Don’t be shy, seize the day!


itami to wa tsunei kawaru ikimono
hakari de wa zettai hakaremasen
rounyakunannyo no itami mitekita watashi
wakaranai itami wa arimasen
kantei de wa shoushou itami masu ga
zenkoku de koko dake “itami honpo” desu.

Pain has always changed everyone
And it can’t be measured with a scale
I’ve seen pain of men and women of all the ages
There’s no pain I can’t understand
My judgment may hurt a little but
In the whole country, this is the one and only “Pain shop”

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