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Lately I don’t write that much. Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing. WordPress blog manage’s layout changed a bit; I love how now you see all the thumbnail’s images even when you’re uploading a new one. It’s all so coloured~

Requested by .vile


上で成り立つ関係 | Our relationship”; I’ve rewritten this and the next phrase. A more literal translation is “Before (our) relationship consisted of covering the gaps of our fingers”. Since it sounded a lot odd to me, I’ve tried to make one more fluid.
隠した台詞 | If I can say”; literal, “If I can say the words I’ve hidden”. I’ve found this sentence a bit redundant in its literal translation, thus why I’ve changed it a bit.
触れそうな唇 | It’s like if our lips”; though I wasn’t able to create the right atmosphere, the meaning of this phrase (and stanza) is something very “dark”. It’s like if whoeverisspeaking is still hoping to see this coming true, even though whoeverisspeaking already knows it won’t come true.

Title: fragile.
Vocal: 綾倉 盟 (Mei Ayakura)
Arrangement: Syrufit
Circle: AniPix
Album: Rectia
Event: 例大祭6 (Reitaisai 6 )
Original: Bad Apple!! | Touhou 4 Lotus Land Story | Stage 3 Theme (No, it’s not Elly’s theme)


優しさ 見ていたくて

dareka ga dareka wo kizutsukeru
ue de naritatsu kankei
ooi kazashita yubi no sukima
yasashisa miteita kute

Someone hurts someone else
Our relationship was built on
Covering the gaps between our fingers
Your kindness seems to hurt

食べてしまうから 居られない
季節 色を変えてくのに
好き 言えない

boku no ai ga kimi no ai wo aru dake
tabeteshimau kara irarenai
mou ichido dake
tonari ni iraretara
kisetsu iro wo kaeteku no ni
suki ienai

All my love has is your love
But since I can’t rely on it
For only one more time
If you can stay near me
When the color of season will change
I can’t say “I love you”

隠した台詞 言えたら楽なのに
失いたくない 居られない

kakushita serifu ietara raku na no ni
ushinaitakunai irarenai

If I can say what I’ve always hidden, I’ll be relieved
I don’t want to lose you, it can’t happen


doushite hoho nurashiteru no ni
dakishimecha ikenai no?

Why my cheeks are getting wet?
What’s wrong in embracing me?

好き 言えない

mou ichidodake
kokoro yurushita no ni
nigedashita no wa boku no hou
suki ienai

For only one more time
I’ve allowed my feelings
To escape from me
I can’t say “I love you”

罰なら受けるから だけど

mou ichidodake
furesou na kuchibiru
bachi nara ukeru kara dakedo

For only one more time
It’s like if our lips touched again
If this is a divine punishment I’ll accept it, but



I love you

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