The day is not random. Who knows, knows. Pic probably doesn’t fit but whatever. Also I changed it because this one is better. And I’m lazy so no crop :D Notes “言葉だけ | The only word”; the phrase in Japanese is more like “I’ve hidden alone the leftovers of one word”, though it really all … More Epicurean

fragile. ~ AniPix

Elly, Elly~ Lately I don’t write that much. Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing. WordPress blog manage’s layout changed a bit; I love how now you see all the thumbnail’s images even when you’re uploading a new one. It’s all so coloured~ Anyway. Requested by .vile Notes “上で成り立つ関係 | Our relationship”; I’ve … More fragile. ~ AniPix

プラネタリウム ~ CROW’SCLAW

I’ve already fangirled enough this album. But I’ll fangirl it some more. “アコースティック・エピソード” is an absolutely fantastic album; amazing arrangement, great vocalist, and overall one of those CDs which will give you chills when listening to them. If you haven’t listening to it, do it right now. Taka, really, thank you for this superb short … More プラネタリウム ~ CROW’SCLAW