To The Terminus ~ Foreground Eclipse

Notes Title: To The TerminusVocal: Merami / Yuyoyuppe (Seated With Liquor)Scream: Teto / Yuyoyuppe (Seated With Liquor)Composition: TetoArrangement: Teto / Yuyoyuppe (Seated With Liquor)Album: Foreground Eclipse Demo CD vol. 08 / Seated With LiquorEvent: M3-28 / C83 To The Terminus Does anyone see me 光差せば影在り 何かが始まる その裏できっとどこかで何かが 終わりを迎える hikari saseba kage ari nanika ga hajimaru sono ura dekitto … More To The Terminus ~ Foreground Eclipse

Gerbera ~ Yuyoyuppe

Yuyoyuppe is great, I’m glad he’s back, and it’s been a while since the last time I translated some vocaloid song. Not that I usually translate vocaloid songs -this might be maybe my 10th something post about a vocaloid song? Anyway. I wonder if this song, along with Canvas, will be in a new album … More Gerbera ~ Yuyoyuppe


Something I should’ve had posted a lot of time ago, but whatever. I think I wrote this like… quite too much ago. It was still April. And now we’re in Sept. Say hi to my laziness. Did you expected it? I didn’t. (cit.) It’s already been this much; time for sure flies sometimes, while some … More Palette

We cannot get out of here forever ~ Foreground Eclipse

Old translation here I’ve saved this picture just for this moment. A True Administrator arrangement by Foreground Eclipse. I think I am still dreaming. Just a few words about this re-translation. At the beginning, I didn’t even wanted to posted it here; but well, it’s 2013 here and for the best way to start the … More We cannot get out of here forever ~ Foreground Eclipse


Somehow I want to translate the whole “MISERICORDIA”, even if half has been already done –like this song. But this album is amazing, and somehow I want to give my translation of everything, especially Dely. Anyway. Hope ac, where I believe ac stand for acoustic, is just beautiful. I somehow prefer this version rather than … More Hope ac ~ MISERICORDIA

Betrayal can’t invent anything ~ Draw the Emotional

Somehow at the beginning I didn’t expected such beautiful lyrics, and didn’t expected to finish the translation so early –I should say “Thank you, short lyrics”. But considering we’re talking about Yuyoyuppe, I wasn’t surprised. I really like how he writes lyrics, maybe because they’re so ambiguous, maybe because he’s able to make them extremely … More Betrayal can’t invent anything ~ Draw the Emotional

It’s over

I’ve for most copied and pasted from the short version. Anyway, enjoy this amazing, epic song, that’s now full. I’m not sure how many people really know this song, I personally spammed it everywhere, because it’s awesome. The only bad thing: it’s really short. It’s of the same length of an anime opening (or ending, … More It’s over