Another transcription, but well. I love UNDEAD’s songs, so it’s fine~ And this album is great, and the intro is even better so bonus points. Requested by Deimond Notes Title: The Revolution Vocals: 朱美 (Akemi) Screams: 窪田道元 (Dougen Kubota) Composition: UNDEAD CORPORATION Circle: UNDEAD CORPORATION Album: Flash Back The Revolution Who do you think you … More The Revolution ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION

Chase the rabbit ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION

Not really a translation, but still. Easy filler, I guess. By the way, I love this album and especially, I love this song. Thought the video/movie posted on their Twitter in the middle of August is incredibly unsettling. Requested by Dragon. Notes Title: Chase The Rabbit Vocals: 朱美 (Akemi) Screams: 窪田道元 (Dougen Kubota) Composition: UNDEAD … More Chase the rabbit ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION


  Requested by Jacob. Notes “永月夜”, “eitsukiyo”, “Imperishable moonlit”. Since UNDEAD CORPORATION usually put tons of references into their songs and the title itself is quite obviously a reference to “東方永夜抄” itself, let’s translate the title in a “Imperishable Night” way. /end of blathering/ Middle/Early Modern/however is it called English probably wasn’t necessary, but I … More 永月夜 ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION


First C87 translations after more than two months; better late than never I guess. And pkk fits so much. Alternative translation by Shion here. Requested by Entrophy. Notes “火車の叫ぶ夜に”, “kasha no sakebu yoru ni”, “When the Kasha screams at night”. Less liberaly, “The Kasha screams in the night”. For those who missed it, the Kasha … More 火車の叫ぶ夜に ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION

Bloodthirsty Nightmare Lullaby ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION

Full scream song so, as every song with screams I’ve translated –even if they’re just a few so far- I can’t check the romaji and can only hope they’re right. Aside this: unconditional and platonic love for this album. It was published during a period there weren’t many good CDs around, at least for me, … More Bloodthirsty Nightmare Lullaby ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION


Maybe I’ve never said this, but I love the title album. “紅染の鬼が哭く”, “When the Crimson Oni Cries”, truly reminded me of Higurashi’s title –and thus why in my mind I’ve always translated it in that way instead of the more correct “The Crimson Oni Cries”; even if Higurashi’s title is written completely different. Also, “紅染の鬼” … More 夜ごとの闇の奥底で ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION


Requested by Wolfkin. Notes “奇稲田姫”, Kushinadahime, is Susanoo’s wife according to the Shinto mythology. “十束剣 | Totsuka no Tsurugi”; usually written as “十拳剣 (Sword of the ten fists), here it’s written as “十束剣 (Sword of the ten pillars)”, but pronounced the same. The Totsuka no Tsurugi is the sword wielded by Susanoo and also the … More 奇稲田姫 ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION


Requested by Sandra Notes “月まで届け、我が怨み”, translated as “Reach for the moon, my grudge”. A pretty obvious “parody” of the original title, “月まで届け、不死の煙”. While transcribing this song I’ve noticed a lot of references to the theme and to Mokou herself, something quite common for UNDEAD CORPORATION. I hope I’ve been able to give back all those … More 月まで届け、我が怨み ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION