Vein ~ Rephonics

Requested by katsuragirin Notes Title: Vein Vocals: vocals: イチ (Ichi) Lyrics: aoma Arrangement: 平茸 (Hiratake) Circle: Rephonics Album: レタレイト Event: 例大祭13 (Reitaisai 13) Original: 平安のエイリアン | Heian Alien | Touhou 12 Undefined Fantastic Object | Houjuu Nue’s Theme Vein 積み上げた頂から 見上げろした世界の色は 複雑だなんて嘘で単純でも tsumiageta itadaki kara miagero shita sekai no iro wa fukuzatsu da nante uso … More Vein ~ Rephonics

もののけグルーヴ ~ Yuuhei Satellite

I’m starting to like Yuuhei Satellite a lot. Not to the point of screaming like a little girl for them, but still. It’s amazing how much things may change over time, though I’ve always liked them a bit at least. Anyway! Let’s move on. Requested by Hanayama Kaori Notes “もののけグルーヴ”, “monoke guruuvu”, “Ghosts groove” “後ろの正面 | … More もののけグルーヴ ~ Yuuhei Satellite

Feel The Flow ~ FELT

And with this, all requests are done –except, of course, those two I don’t have the lyrics. Oh, and Merry Christmas! Requested by Senar Tonggos. Notes Title: Feel The Flow Lyrics: 舞花 (Maika) Vocals: 舞花 Arrangement: NAGI☆ Circle: FELT Album: Blue Drop Event: C80 Original: ルーネイトエルフ | Lunate Elf | Touhou 6 the Embodiment of … More Feel The Flow ~ FELT

Blind Night Sorrow ~ Thousand Leaves

Considering we are talking about screams, checking the romaji is pretty much impossible. This said, I hope you will enjoy the translation despite it. Also, it’s nice to have Thousand Leaves (and old event songs) to translate~ Though I still like more their instrumental, but that’s as usual my personal taste. Requested by BurstDigiSoul Notes … More Blind Night Sorrow ~ Thousand Leaves