RE:Into The Frontier ~ ANOTHER STREAM

Special thanks to Lucas,  who pointed out a couple of errors in the romaji and provided me the names of the artists who composed the song and wrote the lyrics! Notes Title: RE:Into The Frontier Vocals: Rib:y(uhki) Lyrics: REINO, RIB Composition: RIB, KIM Band: ANOTHER STREAM Album: Future Tantric Engraved RE:Into The Frontier Don’t cry! … More RE:Into The Frontier ~ ANOTHER STREAM

邪神の婚礼、儀は愛と知る。~ Imperial Circus Dead Decadence

How awesome is this cover. A big note about the song: as usual, ICDD write their lyrics in old Japanese for most. Which means, I should translate them in old English, using fancy words and possibly forms like “art thou”. This said, considering I am currently not even half way through studying JLPT N1, that … More 邪神の婚礼、儀は愛と知る。~ Imperial Circus Dead Decadence

Gerbera ~ Yuyoyuppe

Yuyoyuppe is great, I’m glad he’s back, and it’s been a while since the last time I translated some vocaloid song. Not that I usually translate vocaloid songs -this might be maybe my 10th something post about a vocaloid song? Anyway. I wonder if this song, along with Canvas, will be in a new album … More Gerbera ~ Yuyoyuppe

生命の灯火 ~ Imy

I just realized it’s the first Imy’s song on this blog. I follow Imy a lot because I love their style. And I just realized I also love their concept albums because they actually tell a story. So maybe I should translate more? Maybe. Requested by salman farisi. Notes “生命の灯火”, “Life’s Torch”. I am not … More 生命の灯火 ~ Imy

Promise ~ The Root of Heads

Notes Title: Promise Vocals: Rita Lyrics: Rita Composition: Meis Clauson Arrangement: Meis Clauson Circle: The Root of Heads Album: Star’s Voice Event: M3-38 Promise 雨が頬に落ち まるで涙のよう それでもあなたは 微笑んでくれたね ame ga hoho ni ochi marude namida no you soredemo anata wa hohoende kureta ne Rain fell on my cheeks Resembling tears And yet you Smiled at … More Promise ~ The Root of Heads