I truly have contrast feeling about this lyrics. Sometimes I think they’re awesome, sometimes they’re… quite strange. Even tough they’re related more than I thought with Yoshika, somehow I feel those lyrics miss something. Or more likely, I can’t grasp the meaning behind (when I read “I’m biting off this curse” I saw in my … More SUPER HOPPING VAMPIRE ~ Pizuya’s Cell

Losing your season ~ Pizuya’s Cell

For once in a while, I won’t say too many things. Merami is, as usuall, amazing. I love her collaboration with Pizuya’s Cell on Violet Lotus Requiem, and I love her collaboration with with Pizuya’s Cell on Merciless Lazuli Rose. Kafka translated this already -probably while I was sleeping; I should’ve posted this translation yesterday, … More Losing your season ~ Pizuya’s Cell