Liquid ~ Akashic Records

Title: Liquid Vocal: めらみぽっぷ (Merami) Arrange & Lyrics: 毛 (ke) Circle: Akashic Records Album: 幸せの国 Event: M3-29 Liquid ねえ どうしたら笑うの ねえ どうすれば君は嬉しいの 皆が言う明日も夢もいらないから 教えて nee doushitara warau no nee dousureba kimi wa ureshii no minna ga iu asu mo yume mo iranai kara oshiete Say, how can you laugh? Say, how can you be so happy? They … More Liquid ~ Akashic Records

聖戦 ~ 5150

I feel like I’m getting extremely lazy when it comes time to choose an illustration. I’m not really sure why, since I have a lot of pictures saved for songs. I guess it can’t be helped. Just bear the increasing amount of CD covers/CD’s illustrations. Be aware that I haven’t translated the Italian part (nor … More 聖戦 ~ 5150

永久旋律 ~ TAMUSIC

Requested by violentwind. Notes “永久旋律”, “towa senritsu”, “Eternal melody”. Title: 永久旋律 Vocals: 小松菜 (Komatsuna) Lyrics: 水川月依 (Tsukie Minagawa) Arrangement: 琉姫アルナ (Aruna Ryuuki), TAM Circle: TAMUSIC Album: 東方弦奏歌-NuclearizE- Event: M3-29 Original: 廃獄ララバイ | Lullaby of Deserted Hell | Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism | Stage 5 Theme 永久旋律 so 影が惑う 消える幻 廃獄(はいごく)の刻む調べを さあ眠りたもう すべて暗闇 いつかは過ぎゆく so kage ga madou … More 永久旋律 ~ TAMUSIC

Sakura Stream ~ Sound Online

Requested by Rei Kosaka Notes Title: Sakura Stream Vocals: 三澤秋 (Aki Misawa) Lyrics: 三澤秋 Composition: 矢鴇つかさ (Tsukasa Yatoki) Arrangement: 矢鴇つかさ / fandelmale Circle: Sound Online / Arte Refact Album: AQUOSTICS / Primavera ~ 春色エディット ~ Event: M3-26 / M3-29 Sakura Stream ひらりと 桜の花びら 無数に舞い上がれ 空に hirari to sakura no hanabira musuu ni maiagare sora ni Gracefully soaring … More Sakura Stream ~ Sound Online

炎に変われ ~ 5150

Yay, another original requested! And the fact this time is from a circle which also make Touhou arrangements is even more awesome. From my personal experience I’ve noticed how for most people don’t care a bit about originals, especially if made by circles which usually arrange Touhou songs and often say those originals suck because … More 炎に変われ ~ 5150

魔女裁判 ~ Akashic Records

“―This song                                         As if it’ll resound” A few adjustements were done in Decemeber 2016. This album is amazing; it charmed my since the crossfade, and listening it full is just too great. It’s truly a little gem, and worth to be listened from the very first second to the very last one more and … More 魔女裁判 ~ Akashic Records