Vein ~ Rephonics

Requested by katsuragirin Notes Title: Vein Vocals: vocals: イチ (Ichi) Lyrics: aoma Arrangement: 平茸 (Hiratake) Circle: Rephonics Album: レタレイト Event: 例大祭13 (Reitaisai 13) Original: 平安のエイリアン | Heian Alien | Touhou 12 Undefined Fantastic Object | Houjuu Nue’s Theme Vein 積み上げた頂から 見上げろした世界の色は 複雑だなんて嘘で単純でも tsumiageta itadaki kara miagero shita sekai no iro wa fukuzatsu da nante uso … More Vein ~ Rephonics

Utopia ~ Aftergrow

Requested by tkdr Title: Utopia Vocals: NT-1 Lyrics: 平茸 (Hiratake) Arrangement: 平茸 Circle: Aftergrow Album: Seven lies from my Dystopia Event: C80 Original: 神々が恋した幻想郷 | The Gensokyo The Gods Loved | Mountain of Faith | Stage 3 Theme Utopia 夜空見上げ この眼に映るものを 遠い記憶 朧げな月日を この手に触れ 感じたもの全てを 一つ一つ この身に刻み付けてゆく yozora miage kono me ni utsuru mono wo tooi kioku oboroge na … More Utopia ~ Aftergrow

Brand-New ~ Aftergrow

Requested by Naima Notes “冷めない予感は | A premonition”; here the translation of the second part of the phrase sounds like “I laughed for joke at what you call/it’s called a God’s act”. Anyway, to simplify -?- I’ve decided to modify it a little. “花は咲いて散り | Flowers scatter”; here it actually means “Flowers bloom then scatter”, … More Brand-New ~ Aftergrow

双頭欲求 ~ Tennen Gemini

Pic unrelated and unfitting but I loved it so who cares. Requested by lotushime Notes “双頭欲求”, “Desired twice”. Literally “Double-headed desire”. I’ve personally read this title as something that is wished (craved) by two people, probably at the same time. “触れられない | I can’t feel you”; the lyrics really say “sun’s flowers”, and not “sunflowers”. … More 双頭欲求 ~ Tennen Gemini

虚弱!ノーレッジ☆キャンプ ~ <echo>PROJECT

This 4koma perfectly expresses everything about this song, and my mental status. Especially my mental status. As for the translation, just click on the picture. Notes won’t be much because I pretty much translated using imagination. Those lyrics are so no sense that my brain refused to think too much. I smell quotes from magical … More 虚弱!ノーレッジ☆キャンプ ~ <echo>PROJECT

千里香 ~ MN-logic24

mineko sounds exactly like Hanatan, in the same way Chikage sounds exactly Merami –but the difference for me is that I still can say when Chikage’s singing, while I almost cannot tell whether here’s Hanatan or mineko singing; really, the differences between their voices are just incredible thin. I realized after a LOT this track … More 千里香 ~ MN-logic24