Sprechchor ~ Roselia

This song is too good to not translate it. If you haven’t read Roselia’s 3rd chapter in-game, I highly recommend you to do so. Most (all?) of Roselia’s songs are connected a lot to their related in-game event or chapter, so you will most likely enjoy this song way more after reading it. Notes This … More Sprechchor ~ Roselia


Title: BLACK SHOUT Vocals: Roselia Lyrics: 織田あすか (Oda Asuka | Elements Garden) Composition: 上松範康 (Noriyasu Agematsu| Elements Garden) Arrangement: 藤永龍太郎 (Fujinaga Ryuutarou | Elements Garden) Album: Roselia 1st Single 「BLACK SHOUT」| Anfang From: バンドリ! ガールズバンドパーティ! | BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! BLACK SHOUT 暗い夜も【fighting】 怯えずに今【smiling】 信じた道【running】 迷わず進もう 黒でもいい【all right】 白じゃなくても【ok】 不条理を壊し 私は此処に今 生きているから kurai yoru mo … More BLACK SHOUT ~ Roselia

FIRE BIRD ~ Roselia

Insert song in Bandori’s anime which I had no idea it existed up until Ayakoji linked it to me. XJapan’s vibes are strong, but I still love this song. And insert here the usual warning I do about lyrics (and thus translation) when I translate something that has no full/official lyrics out yet. I don’t … More FIRE BIRD ~ Roselia

Sanctuary ~ Roselia

Well, apparently nobody translated it yet, and I love this song, so here I am. Ignoring my original schedule because I’ve been sick and because I felt like posting this song. So, enjoy, and finally the full version is out. And chapter 2 vibes are so strong. Necessary note: updated for the full version. Also, … More Sanctuary ~ Roselia

R ~ Roselia

What to say. I like this song, but I still hate having English into Japanese phrases because while it sounds cool in Japanese, it’s a pain to translate it and doesn’t sound that cool in English. And I think I complain about this almost every time I translate a Roselia song. But who cares. Also, … More R ~ Roselia

LOUDER ~ Roselia

This is that one song composed by Yukina’s father accordingly to the event it’s featured in. Also, random fact: Roselia’s new single, R, has been announced and will be on sale the 25th of July. Can’t wait for it <3 Notes Title: LOUDER Vocals: Roselia Lyrics: 織田あすか (Oda Asuka | Elements Garden) Composition: 藤永龍太郎 (Fujinaga … More LOUDER ~ Roselia