To The Terminus ~ Foreground Eclipse

Notes Title: To The TerminusVocal: Merami / Yuyoyuppe (Seated With Liquor)Scream: Teto / Yuyoyuppe (Seated With Liquor)Composition: TetoArrangement: Teto / Yuyoyuppe (Seated With Liquor)Album: Foreground Eclipse Demo CD vol. 08 / Seated With LiquorEvent: M3-28 / C83 To The Terminus Does anyone see me 光差せば影在り 何かが始まる その裏できっとどこかで何かが 終わりを迎える hikari saseba kage ari nanika ga hajimaru sono ura dekitto … More To The Terminus ~ Foreground Eclipse


Title: GLORIOUS DAYS Vocals: yuiko Lyrics: yuiko Composition: Meis Clauson Arrangement: Meis Clauson Circle: Primary Album: SHUTTER*GIRL Event: M3-37 GLORIOUS DAYS 足りないもの探してた いつかは辿り着けるかな どんな道も歩けるように 目を閉じたまま何も 見えない不安の中で 今 たった一つ 見つけた夢 tarinai mono sagashiteta itsuka wa tadoritsukeru kana donna michi mo arukeru youni me wo tojita mama nanimo mienai fuan no naka de ima tatta hitotsu mitsuketa yume I … More GLORIOUS DAYS ~ Primary


Title: BLACK SHOUT Vocals: Roselia Lyrics: 織田あすか (Oda Asuka | Elements Garden) Composition: 上松範康 (Noriyasu Agematsu| Elements Garden) Arrangement: 藤永龍太郎 (Fujinaga Ryuutarou | Elements Garden) Album: Roselia 1st Single 「BLACK SHOUT」| Anfang From: バンドリ! ガールズバンドパーティ! | BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! BLACK SHOUT 暗い夜も【fighting】 怯えずに今【smiling】 信じた道【running】 迷わず進もう 黒でもいい【all right】 白じゃなくても【ok】 不条理を壊し 私は此処に今 生きているから kurai yoru mo … More BLACK SHOUT ~ Roselia

Keep Changing ~ Primary

Title: Keep Changing Vocals: yuiko Composition: Meis Clauson Arrangement: Meis Clauson Circle: Primary Event: M3-40 Album: liberator Keep Changing 安全策ばかりなんて そんなん勿体ない話 傷つけあって足掻いて生きていけ! anzensaku bakari nante sonnan mottainai hanashi kidzutsukeatte agaite ikiteike! Talking only about safe plans Is a waste of time Get hurt, struggle, get out and live! 難しいなんて当然の事だって いつだって僕は覚悟していたはずだ 振り返らない 道はもうないから 崖っぷちなら進める気がしたんだ muzukashii nante … More Keep Changing ~ Primary

FIRE BIRD ~ Roselia

Insert song in Bandori’s anime which I had no idea it existed up until Ayakoji linked it to me. XJapan’s vibes are strong, but I still love this song. And insert here the usual warning I do about lyrics (and thus translation) when I translate something that has no full/official lyrics out yet. I don’t … More FIRE BIRD ~ Roselia


I’m not sure why it took me so much to post this one. Anyway, you’ll probably see a lot of TLs that have been sitting on my computer since a long time, sometimes years as well, because I’m moving these days and I honestly have time for nothing. For the records, this translation has been … More hectopascal