Null ~ Frill

Better late than never, they say. If you think there is a double/subtle meaning in the song, then there is. Also, the picture this time is taken from Frill’s official page for this game (thus why the writings on it), but since it has NSFW content (more like, explicit), check it at your own risk. … More Null ~ Frill

len ~錬~ ~ N+

Oh, hey, this song stayed in my “ready” folder for only one month. Roughly. It could have been worse! Full of references to Doremy and some to Sagume. Assuming the wiki doesn’t change the translation once again, you should be able to get them. Should. Aside this, welcome to the world of cryptic and of … More len ~錬~ ~ N+

Nocte of Desperatio

“How many times have I embraced your dead body?” I’ve finally decided which image uses for this song; it’s really similar to another pic a friend of mine show me, but I personally prefer this one. I’d rather posted a pic according to the opening phrase, but I couldn’t find any great. So, this is … More Nocte of Desperatio

afraid ~ Chata

I love Chata. I love Banpai Akira. I love Koumajou Densetsu. And I love this song, I find this one a lot better than the first one, and I personally enjoyed most Koumajou Densetsu II rathen than the first game (guess part of the “fault” are the acting voices; it’s something I loved). Okay, after … More afraid ~ Chata

サド ~ Sally

I have not much to say this time. 「サド」 will probably be the last song I’ll translate from Sadomasochism (well, not that there are a lot left) but unless someone request them, I’ll probably won’t do it, at least not anytime soon -even if I might change my mind, IZNA grew up in me a … More サド ~ Sally

enn~淵~ ~ Sally

Phew, this one took me a lot to translate. I mean, lot of hours of work on this one. But is finally finished. In truth, I never had too much faith into those lyrics, I mean, after “We cannot get out of here forever”, everything else simple wasn’t good enough. Translator (if I can be … More enn~淵~ ~ Sally