Another transcription, but well. I love UNDEAD’s songs, so it’s fine~ And this album is great, and the intro is even better so bonus points. Requested by Deimond Notes Title: The Revolution Vocals: 朱美 (Akemi) Screams: 窪田道元 (Dougen Kubota) Composition: UNDEAD CORPORATION Circle: UNDEAD CORPORATION Album: Flash Back The Revolution Who do you think you … More The Revolution ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION

Chase the rabbit ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION

Not really a translation, but still. Easy filler, I guess. By the way, I love this album and especially, I love this song. Thought the video/movie posted on their Twitter in the middle of August is incredibly unsettling. Requested by Dragon. Notes Title: Chase The Rabbit Vocals: 朱美 (Akemi) Screams: 窪田道元 (Dougen Kubota) Composition: UNDEAD … More Chase the rabbit ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION


YES ALL IN CAPS OMGOMGOMGOMG Plain transcription because I can. Screams unexpectedly included. Notes Title: END NEVER END Vocal: 朱美 (Akemi), ウェストヴィレッジ (West Village) Arrangement: パインツリー (Pinetree) Circle: UNDEAD CORPORATION Publisher: Toranoana Album: 東方魔法少女 アルティメット☆れいむ (Touhou Magical Girl Ultimate☆Reimu) Event: C83 Original: Bad Apple!! | Touhou 4 Lotus Land Story | Stage 3 Theme END … More END NEVER END ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION

The world no hope remains ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION

What to say? Finally, with their C81 album, we have the lyrics of those re-mastered songs, tough the screams are still missing (songs that this time are done with Akemi as clean vocalist). I personally prefer those “2011 ver.” instead of the old ones, but that’s just because I prefer female singers over male one … More The world no hope remains ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION

Forgive your insanity ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION

Have I already said this album is one of the first one based on Touhou arrangements I’ve ever listent to? Some people told me I’m a lucky person, because my first experiences in the Touhou music were made of “UNDEAD CORPORATION”, “monochrome-coat” and “Foreground Eclipse”. It might sounds really strange, but since I went searching … More Forgive your insanity ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION