Liquid ~ Akashic Records

Title: Liquid Vocal: めらみぽっぷ (Merami) Arrange & Lyrics: 毛 (ke) Circle: Akashic Records Album: 幸せの国 Event: M3-29 Liquid ねえ どうしたら笑うの ねえ どうすれば君は嬉しいの 皆が言う明日も夢もいらないから 教えて nee doushitara warau no nee dousureba kimi wa ureshii no minna ga iu asu mo yume mo iranai kara oshiete Say, how can you laugh? Say, how can you be so happy? They … More Liquid ~ Akashic Records

魔女裁判 ~ Akashic Records

“―This song                                         As if it’ll resound” A few adjustements were done in Decemeber 2016. This album is amazing; it charmed my since the crossfade, and listening it full is just too great. It’s truly a little gem, and worth to be listened from the very first second to the very last one more and … More 魔女裁判 ~ Akashic Records