Lorelei ~ ALiCE’S EMOTiON

Requested by Alex Title: Lorelei Vocals: 野宮あゆみ (Ayumi Nomiya) Lyrics: 野宮あゆみ Arrangement: REDALiCE Circle: ALiCE’S EMOTiON Album: TAILWINDS Event: 例大祭7 (Reitaisai 7) Original: もう歌しか聞こえない | Deaf to all but the song | Touhou 8 Imperishable Night | Mystia Lorelei’s Theme Lorelei 消えてく三日月 気をつけてと 誰も教えてくれないわ 心配しないで 怖くは無い 目を閉じたら聴こえるの kieteku mikadzuki ki wo tsukete to daremo oshiete kurenai wa … More Lorelei ~ ALiCE’S EMOTiON

久遠の花 ~ 回路-kairo-

Requested by malekdeneith. Notes “久遠の花”, “kyuuen no hana”, “Flower of eternity”. Title: 久遠の花 Vocals: 556t Lyrics: 556t Arrangement: メガネ (Megane) Circle: 回路-kairo- Album: 3/4 ~Triple times of the east~ | alone, but never alone Event: 例大祭7 (Reitaisai 7) | C81 Original: 今昔幻想郷 ~ Flower Land | Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land | Touhou 9 … More 久遠の花 ~ 回路-kairo-

one-sided love ~ IOSYS

Requested by bagong016 Title: one-sided love Vocals: ℃iel Lyrics: はかせ (Hakase), ぼいど (Void) Arrangement: ぼいど Circle: IOSYS Album: 東方銀晶天獄 Event: 例大祭7 (Reitaisai 7) Original: 幽霊楽団 ~ Phantom Ensemble | Ghostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble | Prismriver Sisters’ (Lunasa, Merlin, and Lyrica) Theme one-sided love この声よ 今すぐに あなたの元へ kono koe yo imasugu ni anata no moto e This voice … More one-sided love ~ IOSYS

エソテリアン・ヒステリア ~ 石鹸屋

Requested by Maria. Notes “エソテリアン・ヒステリア”, “Esoterian Hysteria”. I pretty much love the creative (if it can be considered creative) reference to the original theme. “彼女こそが | Made the girl”; if we take this phrase alone, its translation would be something along the line “The girl was the light”. But since it’s part of the line … More エソテリアン・ヒステリア ~ 石鹸屋

宵闇鳥 ~ 岸田教団&The明星ロケッツ

Requested by Furan Notes “宵闇鳥 | Twilight bird”. Or in romaji, “yoiyami tori”. Well, nothing else to say about this. Lately I feel lucky, I’m getting simple titles. Or maybe it’s just an impression. And maybe I shouldn’t say “lately” since those requests are from months ago. “十六夜月のふちを | The edge of”; actually this phrase … More 宵闇鳥 ~ 岸田教団&The明星ロケッツ