Area ~ Eryps

I personally see “Area” as the continuation of “World”. If “World” was about the war and the consequences it brought upon the people and their will to put an end to it, “Area” is the moment when one realizes all the efforts done so far have been worthless. In this “World” where there’s nothing left … More Area ~ Eryps

World ~ Eryps

Mitsuki, what a gorgeous voice. I’m into Mitsuki –and Eryps as well- since a lot –to be honest, I’m not sure if I can say “since a lot”; the first album by “ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY” I’ve listen to is their 3rd single “金平糖ロマネスク”. Anyway, that’s about how much time I follow what Mitsuki does. And I … More World ~ Eryps