Interesting lyrics in some parts, though I’d really love to see more character related lyrics. Anyway… I’ve always wondered why this song’s title is “MEDICINE”, because I don’t see any connection with the lyrics nor with Lunatic Elf, and it’s a 100% troll title –Medi, one day you’ll have more arrangements. Maybe. Requested by G.E.C.K. … More MEDICINE ~ Sally

W ~ Sally

Requested by Tenki. Notes “誰よりも | By your side”; there’s seriously no verb. And so I’ve done with the English translation: no verb. “白銀世界 | I’ve always”; “白銀” means silver, but also snow with this pronunciation. Guess I don’t have to explain why I’ve chosen “snow world” instead of “silver world”. Even though I’ve translated … More W ~ Sally


I truly have nothing to say about this circle. My faith in Sally has completely faded after Reitaisai 10’s XFD. Now I only wonder if for the next album they’ll arrange stuffs from Touhou 14 or will go on arranges themes from Imperishable Night –I personally hope they’ll stick with Touhou 14 though. Still, lyrics … More IMITATE ~ Sally

サド ~ Sally

I have not much to say this time. 「サド」 will probably be the last song I’ll translate from Sadomasochism (well, not that there are a lot left) but unless someone request them, I’ll probably won’t do it, at least not anytime soon -even if I might change my mind, IZNA grew up in me a … More サド ~ Sally

enn~淵~ ~ Sally

Phew, this one took me a lot to translate. I mean, lot of hours of work on this one. But is finally finished. In truth, I never had too much faith into those lyrics, I mean, after “We cannot get out of here forever”, everything else simple wasn’t good enough. Translator (if I can be … More enn~淵~ ~ Sally