Liquid ~ Akashic Records

Title: Liquid Vocal: めらみぽっぷ (Merami) Arrange & Lyrics: 毛 (ke) Circle: Akashic Records Album: 幸せの国 Event: M3-29 Liquid ねえ どうしたら笑うの ねえ どうすれば君は嬉しいの 皆が言う明日も夢もいらないから 教えて nee doushitara warau no nee dousureba kimi wa ureshii no minna ga iu asu mo yume mo iranai kara oshiete Say, how can you laugh? Say, how can you be so happy? They … More Liquid ~ Akashic Records

いとおしきものに、うつくしきものに ~ RD-Sounds

Requested by ㅎㅅㅎ Notes “いとおしきものに、うつくしきものに”, “What’s precious, what’s beautiful”. “その命を | Gather”; here the word “life” is sung as “color”. Ditto for a few stanzas below, where in the phrase starting with “その命戻して” the word “life” is once again sung as “color”. Title: いとおしきものに、うつくしきものに Vocal: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop) Lyric: RD-Sounds Circle: 凋叶棕 (Diao ye Zong) Album: … More いとおしきものに、うつくしきものに ~ RD-Sounds

Heroes! ~ 少女病

Title: Heroes! Vocals: ビートまりお (Beat Mario), ゴム(Gom), めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop), 野宮あゆみ (Ayumi Nomiya) Lyrics: 少女病 (shoujo byou | Girl Disease) Composition: 橋本鏡也 (Kyoya Hashimoto) Arrangement: 橋本鏡也 Published by: 少女病 Album: 空想RPG! Event: C76 Theme: Party Heroes! いざ行こう まだ見ぬ未知の世界へ 僕らがここから切り拓く 逃れることなく 運命抱いて 眩ゆい光へ走り出そう! iza yukou mada minu michi no sekai e bokura ga kokokara kirihiraku nogareru koto naku sadame … More Heroes! ~ 少女病

パラレルスカイ ~Ambitious Explorer ~ RD-Sounds

There are so many repetitions here and somehow this made me feel uncomfortable since, whenever I read the same word twice in the same phrase, my writer side cries and screams inside me –unless it’s used poetically or it’s a dialogue. This all to say: sorry for this incredibly redundant translation, but it can’t be … More パラレルスカイ ~Ambitious Explorer ~ RD-Sounds

Snow Fairy ~ monochrome-coat

Requested by Andie. Title: Snow Fairy Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop/Merami) Lyrics: めらみぽっぷ Arrangement: Sepia Circle: monochrome-coat Album: Purge Event: C81 Original: デザイアドライブ | Desire Drive | Touhou 13 Ten Desires | Stage 4 Theme Snow Fairy 白い息 冷たい風が頬を撫でる 君の手を離した ah あの日の刹那 shiroi iki tsumetai kaze ga hoho wo naderu kimi no te wo hanashita ah ano hi no setsuna … More Snow Fairy ~ monochrome-coat


  Requested by Jacob. Notes “永月夜”, “eitsukiyo”, “Imperishable moonlit”. Since UNDEAD CORPORATION usually put tons of references into their songs and the title itself is quite obviously a reference to “東方永夜抄” itself, let’s translate the title in a “Imperishable Night” way. /end of blathering/ Middle/Early Modern/however is it called English probably wasn’t necessary, but I … More 永月夜 ~ UNDEAD CORPORATION

fairy romance ~ monochrome-coat

Requested by Sonicami Notes Title: fairy romance Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop/Merami) Lyrics: めらみぽっぷ Arrangement: 乙P (OtsuP) Circle: monochrome-coat Album: Memorial Event: 例大祭8 (Reitaisai 8) Original: 妖精大戦争 | Great Fairy Wars ~ Fairy Wars | Touhou 12.8 Great Fairy Wars | Stage 3 Boss Theme fairy romance いつもよりほんのちょっぴり ah 寄り添って見つめ合うだけでいい 澄んだ瞳の奥にある 純粋で無垢なFairy romance itsumo yori honno choppiri ah yorisotte … More fairy romance ~ monochrome-coat

Sweetheart ~ monochrome-coat

Requested by Andie. Notes Title: Sweetheart Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop/Merami) Lyrics: めらみぽっぷ Arrangement: 乙P (OtsuP) Circle: monochrome-coat Album: Purge Event: C81 Original: 古きユアンシェン | Old Yuanshen | Touhou 13 Ten Desires | Kaku Seiga’s Theme Sweetheart 引き寄せた暗闇から 青と赤 磁石のよう 故意に焦がれ吸い込まれ 憑依した身体 逃れられない もう離れられない hikiyoseta kurayami kara ao to aka jishaku no you koi ni nagare suikomare hyoui shita … More Sweetheart ~ monochrome-coat