SURVIVE ~ Primary

M3 is over and I bought maybe too many CDs, but I’m an happy person. I love Primary’s new single, it’s magnificent. I have the feeling that Meis Clauson and yuiko are getting better and better, not sure if it’s only my impression. Anyway,  I didn’t expect an acoustic one for Last Moment, but that … More SURVIVE ~ Primary

嘘偽りノ世界 ~ Primary

Love this album. Love this song. Love Primary. Usual fangirling. Late as always. Notes “嘘偽りノ世界”, “A whole world of lies”. Couldn’t find a better way to translate this title, and I can’t stop thinking that this song is connected to yuiko’s C92’s song. Title: 嘘偽りノ世界 Vocals: yuiko Composition: Meis Clauson Arrangement: Meis Clauson Circle: Primary … More 嘘偽りノ世界 ~ Primary

Prototype ~ Primary

I’m not sure if it’s the rhythm or the lyrics, or maybe both, but I really feel like this song is sung by an uncompleted (or maybe I should say, failed attempt to create a human-like machine) robot –and thus, the title. Well, the whole album is based upon “living alone”, so I honestly expected … More Prototype ~ Primary

Depressing ~ Primary

Fun fact: while from the XFD “Depressing” was the track I was super excited for, but I ended up loving “Innocence” rather than this one after listening to the full album. I somehow prefer these lyrics though, probably because they have a darker tone, but well, Primary is Primary, period. Title: Depressing Vocals: yuiko Lyrics: … More Depressing ~ Primary


I wonder why I have never done this before. Translating requests in the order I like and not in chronological order is the best thing I could have ever done for my mind. This said, expect a lot of skips and some more C92 and more skips, because that’s what I feel like doing. Unnecessary … More STRUGGLES ~ Primary

翳り空 ~ Primary

Though this song isn’t related to Saya no Uta, I feel like this picture fits the melody. Maybe it’s because in my mind I associate this song to very bright colors that somehow leave a nostalgic and unsettling feeling, but still makes you feel calm. What to say, I’m always glad to see people requesting … More 翳り空 ~ Primary