Before I Rise ~ She is Legend / Yanaginagi

This song is already awesome to begin with, but its acoustic version hits me way more emotionally. I also think that XAI’s singing gave a lot more emotion to this song, but well, that’s just my opinion. Still, both versions are worth listening to. This is Heaven Burns Red theme song, so well, you can … More Before I Rise ~ She is Legend / Yanaginagi

Burn My Universe

The lyrics are very close to Burn My Universe, but well, are enough to make me wonder whose point of view it is, assuming Burn My Soul is Ruka’s point of view. Anyway, enjoy! (Also, I can finally use Heaven Burns Red album cover!!) Notes  Title: Burn My UniverseVocals: やなぎなぎ (Yanaginagi) Lyrics & composition: 麻枝准 (Jun … More Burn My Universe