Before I Rise ~ She is Legend / Yanaginagi

This song is already awesome to begin with, but its acoustic version hits me way more emotionally. I also think that XAI’s singing gave a lot more emotion to this song, but well, that’s just my opinion. Still, both versions are worth listening to. This is Heaven Burns Red theme song, so well, you can … More Before I Rise ~ She is Legend / Yanaginagi

Burn My Universe

The lyrics are very close to Burn My Universe, but well, are enough to make me wonder whose point of view it is, assuming Burn My Soul is Ruka’s point of view. Anyway, enjoy! (Also, I can finally use Heaven Burns Red album cover!!) Notes  Title: Burn My UniverseVocals: やなぎなぎ (Yanaginagi) Lyrics & composition: 麻枝准 (Jun … More Burn My Universe

To The Terminus ~ Foreground Eclipse

Notes Title: To The TerminusVocal: Merami / Yuyoyuppe (Seated With Liquor)Scream: Teto / Yuyoyuppe (Seated With Liquor)Composition: TetoArrangement: Teto / Yuyoyuppe (Seated With Liquor)Album: Foreground Eclipse Demo CD vol. 08 / Seated With LiquorEvent: M3-28 / C83 To The Terminus Does anyone see me 光差せば影在り 何かが始まる その裏できっとどこかで何かが 終わりを迎える hikari saseba kage ari nanika ga hajimaru sono ura dekitto … More To The Terminus ~ Foreground Eclipse

You May Not Want To Hear This But ~ Foreground Eclipse

I’ve been thinking whether I should re-translate (or translate, because I don’t think I have ever translated their first album) all Foreground Eclipse’s song, and I came to the conclusion that I will most likely not do that. I might also skip the Kogasa arrangement because I don’t dig it at all, but I might … More You May Not Want To Hear This But ~ Foreground Eclipse

When Innocence is Just a Mask ~ Foreground Eclipse

I will probably re-translate some more Foreground Eclipse’s songs, because why not (also, old translations are old and FgE are/were my favorite band). /WHY THEY DISBANDED/ Notes There is no explicit “ ‘cause” in Japanese, but this phrasing conveys better the original meaning. I wish I could say this is a straightforward phrase with no … More When Innocence is Just a Mask ~ Foreground Eclipse

Sprechchor ~ Roselia

This song is too good to not translate it. If you haven’t read Roselia’s 3rd chapter in-game, I highly recommend you to do so. Most (all?) of Roselia’s songs are connected a lot to their related in-game event or chapter, so you will most likely enjoy this song way more after reading it. Notes This … More Sprechchor ~ Roselia