You May Not Want To Hear This But ~ Foreground Eclipse

I’ve been thinking whether I should re-translate (or translate, because I don’t think I have ever translated their first album) all Foreground Eclipse’s song, and I came to the conclusion that I will most likely not do that. I might also skip the Kogasa arrangement because I don’t dig it at all, but I might change my mind.

What I will 100% do, is re-translate Storytellers for last. And I am so sure I will cry so hard again while doing that.


  1. Just another line I decided to translate in a way that hopefully sounds fine and makes some sense.
  2. I’ve been thinking on whether or not I should translate this as “we had only one fight”, but given that this wording is so weird when thinking about two people having a (verbal) fight, I preferred to translate it like this.

Title: You May Not Want To Hear This But
Vocal: Merami
Scream: Teto
Arrangement: Foreground Eclipse
Circle: Foreground Eclipse
Album: Seated With Liquor
Event: C83
Original: 封じられた妖怪 ~ Lost Place | The Sealed-away Youkai | Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism | Stage 1 Theme
暗闇の風穴 | The Dark Blowhole | Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism | Kurodani Yamame’s Theme

You May Not Want To Hear This But

悲しいけど 忘れられない
悔しいのに 思い出せないよ
終は向こうに 飽きるほどの歌に
どこにだって いつだって
何回でも 何回でも 忘れた気になろうとしてさ

kanashii kedo wasurerarenai
kuyashii no ni omoidasenai yo
tsui wa mukou ni akiru hodo no uta ni
doko ni datte itsudatte
yume no naka ni datte atta mono
nankai demo nankai demo wasureta kininarou to shite sa

It’s sad, but I can’t forget it
It’s frustrating, but I can’t remember it

The end is there, in a song I’m tired to hear1
Anywhere, always
It’s even inside my dreams
I tried again and again to pretend to have forgotten it

とはいえ あの君の声に 悲しみがあったことや
君が閉じこもっていた 扉はまだ
覚えてたいんだよ 笑ってよ
口の奥が ずっとずっと痛い
人差し指も なんだか怖くて

towaie ano kimi no koe ni kanashimi ga atta koto ya
kimi ga tojikomotteita tobira wa mada
oboetetainda yo waratte yo
kuchi no oku ga zutto zutto itai
hitosashiyubi mo nandaka kowakute

Nonetheless the sadness in your voice and that door
You secluded yourself behind are things I still
Want to remember; smile
The back of my mouth has always, always hurt
And my index finger looks scary

約束なんて 知らないよ 本当のことは
それだけ それだけで

yakusoku nante shiranai yo hontou no koto wa
mou iwanai
atama no naka no kotoba itsumo hairikiru no dake
soredake soredake de

I don’t care about our promise. I won’t tell you
The truth again
There are all these words filling up my head
And that’s it, that’s it

忘れられないことは ただそれだけで
今もって消えはしない 笑っててよ

wasurerarenai koto wa tada soredake de
ima motte kie wa shinai warattete yo

There are things I can’t forget, but that’s it
They will never disappear, so smile

戦いは一度だけ 悲しみも一度だけ
なのに 知らなかったの 今も絡まるもの
どこにだって いつだって
何回でも 何回でも 忘れようとしてても

tatakai wa ichidodake kanashimi mo ichidodake
nano ni shiranakattano ima mo karamaru
doko ni datte itsudatte
yume no naka ni datte atta mono
nankai demo nankai demo wasureyou to shitete mo

I fought only once, and felt pain only once2
But I had no idea that it would always stick with me
Anywhere, always
Even inside my dreams
No matter how many times I try to forget about it

It’s hard to tell what you could do

悲劇的で 厭世的な 私は
今日も 明日を盗んで
生きることの 騙すことの

higekiteki de enseiteki na watashi wa
kyou mo asu wo nusunde
ikiru koto no damasu koto no
chigai wo mata kangaeru

I’m tragic and pessimistic
I will steal today and tomorrow
Living and cheating

I will think about their difference another time

思い出せないことが 絡みついても
踏みしめる足元は 悪くないよ

omoidasenai koto ga karamitsuite mo
fumishimeru ashimoto wa waruku nai yo

Even if all I can’t remember will stick with me forever
The ground I stand on is not that bad

今もなお 明日もなお
変わらないなら 消えなよ

konna sekai nante mou iya datte
ieru kurai aisaretemitai
zutto zutto tooi basho ni oitekita no wa
ano sekai to no wakai
ima mo nao asu mo nao
kawaranai nara kie na yo

You have probably been so loved that
You can say “I hate this world”
I have always shut deep, deep inside my heart
My will to compromise with that world
But if today, if tomorrow
Won’t change, then get lost

Here is my replay

忘れられないことは ただそれだけで
いまもって消えはしない 笑っててよ

wasurerarenai koto wa tada sore dake de
ima motte kie wa shinai warattete yo

There are things I can’t forget, but that’s it
They will never disappear, so smile

Far away

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