Bullet of Light ~ Thousand Leaves

Yes, there’s only one line in Japanese. And yes, I’m counting this as a translation.

Requested by liuuzaki.

Title: Bullet of Light
Lyrics: Bach
Vocals: Abecky
Arrangement: Bach
Circle: Thousand Leaves
Event: C78 / C82
Original: 少女綺想曲 ~ Capriccio | Maiden’s Capriccio | Touhou 4 Lotus Land Story | Hakurei Reimu’s Theme
少女綺想曲 ~ Capriccio | Maiden’s Capriccio | Hakure Shrine’s Second Theme

Bullet of Light

A girl who trails her black hair.
Holy boundary that keeps balance.
The power to exclude defilement increases.
To the moonlight night of lunacy…

People’s wishes are collected and saving is brought by the prayer.
Soul that lurks in boundary and mysterious shrine maiden.
All around dragon theatrical combat.
Positive and negative scattering flowers.
She solves the accident with the bullet of light.

Silent Capriccio. The guardian of a shrine.

神霊が宿る 黒い瞳の中に

shinrei ga yadoru kuroi hitomi no naka ni

Divine spirits are living inside her black eyes.

She becomes weightlessness and flies over the sky.
When she closes her merciless eyes the ultimate spell will be untied.

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