Scarlet Gambler ~ M.H.S.

MHS C85 cover

Somehow the Persona vibes at the beginning at this song are so strong. But just there. Also, necessary note: this is the short version of the song and the following lyrics, as well as the sample of this song, can be found the artist’s SoundCloud.

Requested by Jacob Mon.


Title: Scarlet Gambler
Vocals: まめみ (Mamemi)
Lyrics: 溝口ゆうま
Arrangement: 溝口ゆうま
Circle: M.H.S. (Mizonokuchi Hole Studio)
Album: 東方課金厨
Event: C85
Original: 亡き王女の為のセプテット | Septette for the Dead Princess | Touhou 6 the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil | Remilia Scarlet’s Theme

Scarlet Gambler

Kiss me baby 微笑んで

Kiss me baby hohonde
konya mo nerau wa

Kiss me baby and smile
Aim for that even tonight


kaado ga kimeru mirai
subete te ni ireru ka itare shinu
suriru ni oboretai no yoru wa kore kara na no sa

The future decided by cards
Is to be left to die by the roadside, wondering if you’ll have everything
The night when I want to drown into thrills is still young

血のように紅いドレス着て 闇夜を裂いて現れる
二人の姉妹を知ってるかい 今日もまたお出ましさ

chi no you ni akai doresu kite yamiyo wo saite arawareru
futari no shimai wo shitteiru kai kyo mo mata odemashi sa

Wearing a red dress that resembles blood, they tear the dark night up and show up
Do you know about the two sisters? They will appear tonight too

怪しくしなるその指で 未来を天に託して
釣り上がる口元は勝利のサイン おいでさあディールよ

ayashiku shinaru sono yube de mirai wo ten ni takushite
tsuriagaru kuchimoto wa shouri no sain oide saa diiru yo

Place my destiny into heavens with your fingers bended strangely
The lips you hooked are a sign of victory, so come, we have a deal

Kiss me baby 甘い甘い香りを残して
Ready Lady 釘付けさ  その眼伝説を焼き付けろ

Kiss me baby amai amai kaori wo nokoshite
Ready Lady kugidzuke sa sono me densetsu wo yakitsukero

Kiss me baby, leave a sweet, sweet scent on me
Ready Lady keep looking at me, I will burn my legend into your eyes

華やかネオンの海 生命連鎖のその頂点の
見渡す摩天楼を 必ず手に入れるわ

hanayaka neon no umi seimei rensa no sono ue no
miwatasu matenrou wo kanarazu te ni ireru wa

A sea of showy neon, the top of the chains of life
Of that far away skyscraper  I will for sure get

Wow Double dawn again!

まだまださ 届かない

tsuyameita koe de kaado wo nazoru
madamada sa todokanai
geemu wa korekara!

You trace the cards with your seducing voice
But it hasn’t arrived yet
The game has just begun!

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