輪廻知らずの愛 ~ 少女フラクタル

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I guess I should say I’m sorry for the waiting, but well. After over a year, I’m not even sure the requester will remember this song. Anyway.

Long story short, I preferred sticking to things I like rather than forcing myself doing something I didn’t really feel like doing. Thus, I pretty much procrastinated everything simply because I wanted to have fun.

Anyway, right now my life is pretty stable (I changed job recently, I finally have time to do what I like, I don’t feel physically nor mentally tired every day anymore), and this kind of made me realize I have way too many requests left undone. And thus, I started translate them. So, if you’re reading this and you’re one of those people who requested a song a lot of time ago, fear not; the translation will come, I hope soon. I kind of want to aim to publish something in between 6 to 8 posts per month. Maybe a few more. Maybe.

So, enjoy and don’t hate me too much for the delay~

Requested by Petalite Yuu


輪廻知らずの愛”, “A love uneffected by samsara”.

Title: 輪廻知らずの愛
Vocals: 柚木梨沙 (Risa Yuzuki)
Lyrics: かませ虎 (kamase-tora)
Arrangement: HiZuMi
Circle: 少女フラクタル (Shoujo Fractal)
Album: 輪廻知らずの愛
Event: C91
Original: 六十年目の東方裁判 ~ Fate of Sixty Years | Touhou Judgement in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years | Touhou 9 Phantasmagoria of Flower View | Shikieiki Yamaxanadu’s Theme
過去の花 ~ Fairy of Flower | Flower of Past Days ~ Fairy of Flower | Night Trip to Rendaino ~ Ghostly Field Club


歳を重ねて 譲れぬ愛を知った時

nurikatametekita tadashisa ni hokori wo mochi
gimon mo motazu furikaerazu ayunda
toshi wo kasanete yuzurenu ai wo shitta toki
tenbin wa arawareta

I take pride in the rightness I’m coated with
I walked on without doubts, without looking back
Years passed and the moment I knew a love I couldn’t hand over
The balance scale appeared


sono te wo nigiru koto wa
kagami wo kowasu toiu koto
keredo watashi no hitomi ni wa kemuri ga nai
rinne nado matenai
zen de koukai wa yamanai
saa ima koso seigi wo mizukara no mune ni kike

Grasping that hand
Meant breaking the order
However, my eyes were pristine
I can’t wait for samsara
Due to goodness, I can’t stop regretting
Now, listen to the justice within your own heart


seigi to wa nani?
anata wa kokoro de yonda
「shitagau dakeja kurushii yo」
kanawanai to omotta

What is justice?
You’ve read it in my heart
“It’s difficult to just obey to rules”
I thought I couldn’t do it


shosen hitogoto wo sabaku koto nante
kiraware yaku wo katte deru koto darou

After all judging other people’s affairs
It’s like volunteering as the hated guy


kowareru hodo ni sakuzatsu ni narisugita waga wa
tsumi wo saiaku to sadamezu ai ni ikiru
kono te wo nigiru kyou wa
kinou yori kagayakiteiru
koukai suru hou ga kako no jibun wo nikumu darou

We, who became too complex, to the point of breaking
Are living in a love that doesn’t set the worst sin
Today, grasping this hand,
Is shining more than yesterday
To regret will make me hate my past self more


hana no you ni hanarenai
tsumi wo shirazu ikiru yori mo
daiji na mono…

I won’t leave, like a flower
Rather than living without sins
Important things should…


kowareta kagami ni utsutta
shitataka ni warau watashi
ubaware ubau yasashisa ni torawarete
tsukanda te wo hanasai
yorokobi wok ami shimeru
sore ga tada hitotsu no hanamuke na no kamoshirenai

Reflected on a broken mirror
Laughing out loud, I
Have been trapped by stolen, stealing kindness
And I won’t let your hand I’ve taken
I relish happiness
That is probably my only farewell gift


shizuka ni yoru ga akeru

And the dawn breaks in silently

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