RooM ~ Primary

each cover

Even short songs can be so powerful, and each is such a great album. And right because this one is a very short song, I decided to post it today. I wonder if I will actually manage to increase the number of posts per week.


Title: RooM
Vocals: yuiko
Lyrics: yuiko
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: Primary
Album: each
Event: M3-28


そっと 今通り過ぎたんだ
もう開く事はないと思った その扉

sotto ima toorisugitanda
mou hiraku koto wa nai to omotta sono tobira
fureru, fureteru.

Softly, I passed by it now
I thought it would have never opened, that door
Shakes, it’s shaking.

独り想いを馳せるだけなら ただ
見ることも出来ない景色 伝えて

ugokenai zutto
meguru kisetsu no naka demo
hitori omoi wo haseru dake nara tada
miru koto mo dekinai keshiki tsutaete

Always stood still
Even within the rotating seasons
If thoughts just run wild when I’m alone
At least tell me how’s the scenery I can’t see

暗闇を 教えて きっと Ah…

nagareru kaze wo
sora ga yodonda oto de mo
karada kishimu koe mo
toiki sae mo
asa no nioi wo
kurayami wo oshiete kitto Ah…

The blowing wind
The sound of the sky stagnated
The voice of a creaking body
The sighs
The scent of the morning
And darkness, tell me everything, Ah…

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