butterfly ~ Primary

butterfly cover

I can’t remember if it was this one song that stole my heart, but for sure I love it, and it’s one of my favorites by Primary, if not my favorite, due to many reasons. Also, the live performance of this song was gorgeous. I still have shivers when I think about that. Also, this time around, there are no changes neither in the format nor in the kanji or spelling of the words, unlike “solitary flower”.

Random note for everybody: wait a bit more for the (Touhou) requests, I will get back to them I believe by the end of this month and I will probably post them in bulk. Meanwhile, enjoy some yuiko.


Title: butterfly
Vocals: yuiko
Lyrics: yuiko
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: Primary
Album: 心音/butterfly, PS 2005-2013
Event: C80, C88


崩れ落ちゆく景色を 何度見つめてただろう
また繰り返す痛みを どうか止めて

kuzureochiyuku keshiki wo nando mitsumeteta darou
mata kurikaesu itami wo douka tomete

How many times have I been staring at this crumbling scenery?
Please, end this pain repeating all over again

笑わなくなった 悲しみに濡れて
いつからだろう この世界はどこだ?

warawanakunatta kanashimi ni nurete
itsukara darou kono sekai wa doko da?

Become unable to smile, I wonder since when
I’ve been soaked in sadness. What is this world?

Ah 僕は旅する 君に逢うため
もう いくつも超えて 求め続けて
また消えるだろうか そっと…

Ah boku wa tabi suru kimi ni au tame
onaji toji wo mata
mou ikutsumo koete motome tsudzukete
mata kieru darouka sotto…

Ah, to meet you I will travel through
The same time, again
I crossed it many times and I still wish for it
Yet, will you disappear again? Softly…

ずれ始めてた時間を 少しも迷わないで
明日の世界できっと 君と出逢う

zure hajimeteta jikan wo sukoshimo mayowanaide
ashita no sekai de kitto kimi to deau

I started to unaligned time, without any hesitation
I’m sure I’ll meet you in tomorrow’s world

かざしてたのは ちっぽけな正義感
不確かなまま もう戻れはしない

kazashiteta no wa chippoke na seigikan
futashika na mama mou modore wa shinai

What I held aloft was a tiny sense of justice
As I remain unsure, I will not go back anymore

そう 何度目だって君を見つける
もう このぬくもりは 消させやしない
強く願うから どうか…

sou nandome datte kimi wo mitsukeru
tooi sekai demo
mou kono nukumori wa kesase yashinai
tsuyoku negau kara douka…

Yes, I will find you, no matter how many times
Even in a world far away
This warmth will not disappear anymore
So I’m begging you, please…

抱えていたぬくもりは 冷えた影になる…

chigau sekai demo kuzureteku
hitomi ni yakitsuku kagerou
kakaeteita nukumori wa hieta kage ni naru…

Different worlds are collapsing too
Their heat haze etched in my eyes
The warmth I was carrying turns in a cold shadow…

Ah 僕は何度も君へ飛ぶから
もう 振り返っても 道はないから
Ah 出逢うたび 消えてゆくのに
そう 果てはあるのか 答えは出ずに
もう一度飛ぶから Butterfly

Ah boku wa nandomo kimi e tobu kara
chigau deai demo
mou furikaette mo michi wa nai kara
sakebi tsudzukeyou
Ah deau tabi kieteyuku noni
boku wa kurikaesu
sou hate wa aru no ka kotae wa dezu ni
mou ichido tobu kara Butterfly

Ah, I will always fly to you, every single time
Even to a different encounter
Even if I were to turn back, there’s no path
I keep screaming
Ah, the journey to meet you may vanish
But I’ll travel it again
Yes, without answering if there’s an end
I fly once again, butterfly

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