solitary flower ~ Primary

PS 2005-2013

Fact #1: the lyrics written in Rotate and PS 2005-2013 are slightly different. Although there are no changing in the words, there are minor changes in the lyrics’ format, a couple of special characters’ choice and some words are now written in kanji, while in Rotate’s version they were written in hiragana.
In short, a slight different layout, that’s all. Since PS 2005-2013 is the most recent album, I’ve stick with the lyrics written there.

Fact #2: although I enjoy the first version of solitary flower, the second version (the one in Rotate) is far superior in my opinion. The improvements yuiko made are incredible. The third version (the one in PS 2005-2013) sounds slightly better to me, but I’m not sure if the reason of this lies in the fact I’ve copied the two CDs (Rotate and PS) in a different format on my PC and thus there’s actual no difference in the two songs. Maybe I should listen to them directly through the CD, but I’m pretty sure my copy of PS is in my home country right now –and thus I would be unable to do it. And I’m going off-topic.

Requested by Stereo Loli.


Title: solitary flower
Vocals: yuiko
Lyrics: yuiko
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: Primary
Album: solitary flower, Rotate, PS 2005-2013
Event: M3-16, M3-19, C88

solitary flower

吹き抜ける風 大地の叫び
すべての音に 身を裂かれるだけ
何度も歩いた道 足を奪われ
心の奥 途切れた記憶

fukinukeru kaze daichi no sakebi
subete no oto ni mi wo sakareru dake
nandomo aruita michi mi wo ubaware
kokoro no oku togireta kioku

The blowing wind, the earth’s scream
And my body, torn apart by all these sounds
Stranded on a path I’ve walked so many times
And deep inside, my broken memories

待ち続ける 時計の針何度も…

yubisashita saki de te ni suru tame ni
machitsudzukeru tokei no hari nandomo…

To reach where I pointed far away
I keep waiting, as the clock’s hands restlessly…

切れゆく雲の合間 かすかに見える景色
薄らぐ意識の中で 見つけた あの日の自分

kireyuku kumo no aima kasukani mieru keshiki
usuragu ishiki no naka de mitsuketa ano hi no jibun

In between the clouds’ gaps I can faintly see a scenery
Inside my fading consciousness I’ve found myself of that day

暗闇の中 見えかけたもの
捕まえようと 必死にもがく
求めるもの 手にしたものは
ただ水のように 零れ落ちていく

kurayami no naka miekaketa mono
tsukamaeyou to hisshi ni mogaku
motomeru mono te ni shita mono wa
tada mizu no you ni kobore ochiteiku

Inside darkness, I desperately struggle
To grab what I begun to see
What I wish for, and what I obtained
Is slipping through, just like water

閉ざされた 扉の向こう側で
立ちすくむ 自分の姿見える

tozasareta tobira no mukougawa de
tachisukumu jibun no sugata mieru

On the other side of a sealed door
I can see myself there, petrified

消えゆく心の温度 かすかに感じるのなら
途切れた時間の中で 今だけ消えてしまおう

kieyuku kokoro no ondo kasukani kanjiru no nara
togireta toki no naka de ima dake kieteshimaou

If you can feel slightly the warmth of my vanishing heart
Let’s disappear here and now within this broken time

冷めた頬 色をなくした日
触れた指先の熱で 変わり始めた

tsumeta hoho iro wo nakushita hi
subete no koto kara me wo somuke
fureta yubisaki no netsu de kawari hajimeta

Cold cheeks, days that lost color
I averted my eyes from everything, then
I felt your fingers’ warmth and I started to change

自分を見失うこと 解き放たれる 今 このとき

jibun wo miushinau koto tokihanatareru ima kono toki
…tokeru… majiwaru… kieru… ugokanaku naru made ni

This is the moment I let me losing sight of myself
…until I’ll melt… I’ll unite… I’ll vanish… I’ll be unable to move

戸惑い流れる涙 冷たい風に溶け

tomadoi nagareru namida tsumetai kaze ni toke
subete no kanashimi idaite
ikiteiku 「jibun」 to tomo ni

Confused, my flowing tears melt in the cold wind
I embrace all the sadness
Together with the “myself” keep living

4 thoughts on “solitary flower ~ Primary

  1. I love this song since the first version. And then in the “Rotate” version, its perfect. I love yuiko :D

  2. Oh my gosh, I didn’t check this site for a WHILE. Thank you for the translation, I went to listen to Yuiko again today and decided to check if you did translation. Godliiike, thank you so much~
    Also didn’t know there’s rotate version, ima check it out

    This is Stereo Loli by the way

    1. I’m quite sure there are 3 versions of this song (demo version, rotate and PS), although the latter two don’t sound any different to me. This said, I’m writing this by memory, so I might be wrong -hopefully I’m not lol

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