軌跡 ~ Roselia


I was pending in which order translating Roselia’s songs, since I somehow tend to start from the worst translated one, followed by the untranslated ones, but well. I gave up after seeing the 3rd one (namely, -HEROIC ADVENT-) because it was like reading my unrevised translations back in 2013-2014, back when I had little to none knowledge in actual Japanese and I still wish I could time-travel just to punch myself. Read: I gave up after the third already translated song because I’ve found myself screaming (well, more like, crying) at the screen “Why, Roselia’s songs are so beautiful, please don’t ruin them”. And thus, here I am, following the “I like this one most” order. And, on a random note, this is the full version.

Well, I can say I love a band the moment reading bad translations of their songs hurts me so much.

Back to the song, this one has been actually made because the VA for Imai Lisa (Endou Yurika) announced her retirement and will stop any singing, voice-acting and so on activity starting from next month (May, 2018). I love how this song actually fits so much the situation and actually depicts how life is for everyone. Time to cry some more.


軌跡”, “kiseki”, “Path”. Forgive me (or not) for translating this in a so not literal way because I couldn’t find a word not even close to the Japanese one. Keep in mind that the meaning of this word when talking about people is basically “other/past people’s traces” and “traces people followed”, hence why my choice to use “Path”.

Title: 軌跡
Vocals: Roselia
Lyrics: 織田あすか (Oda Asuka | Elements Garden)
Composition: 藤永龍太郎 (Fujinaga Ryuutarou | Elements Garden)
Album: Roselia 5th single 「Opera of the wasteland」 | Anfang
From: バンドリ! ガールズバンドパーティ! | BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!
Band: Roselia


靴紐が解ければ 結び直すように

kutsuhimo ga hodokereba musubinaosu you ni
wakarete mo togirete mo
mata tsugaru tame ni deaubeku
hito wa ayundeyuku

Like shoelaces are tied back together if they loosen
Even if they part, even if they break up
To get back together again, in trying to meet
People move on

哀しみで 胸の中溺れそうならば
瞼閉じ 迎えよう いつも変わらず笑う
あなたの瞳が ほらね… ただ綺麗で

kanashimi de mune no naka oboresou naraba
mabuta toji mukaeyou itsumo kawarazu warau
anata no hitomi ga hora ne… tada kirei de

If due to sadness you feel like you’re about to drown inside
Close your eyes, let’s meet and laugh as always
Your eyes, you see… are so beautiful

ありがとう 巡り逢うよ
命は 繰り返してく
ありがとう 廻る地球

arigatou meguriau yo
inochi wa kurikaeshiteku
hajimari toiu na no michi
furimukazu mae wo mitsume
arigatou mawaru chikyuu
anata to watashi wa susumu
nigiru te hanarete mo
owaranai kizuna ga aru

Thank you, we’ll meet again
Life is repeating
Keep your eyes ahead without looking back
At this path called beginning
Thank you, rotating Earth
I will go on with you
Even if we’ll let our hands go
Our bond will never end

明日もまた来ることが 当たり前のように

asu mo mata kuru koto ga atarimae no you ni
furumau no wo utagawazu
hoshou mo nai hibi no hakanasa
hito wa idaiteru

As if it’s only natural that tomorrow will come
Without doubting their behave
People embrace the fugacity of their
Insecure days

振り返る 優しさに満ちた毎日は
柔く心地よい色は ほらね… ただ綺麗で

furikaeru yasashisa ni michita mainichi wa
taisetsu na monotachi wo nokoshite kureta
yawaku kokochiyoi iro wa hora ne… tada kirei de

Look back at those days filled with kindness
They left so many important things in us
These soft and pleasant colors, you see… are so beautiful

ありがとう 歌を歌い
溢れ出す想いは ずっと
ありがとう 廻る地球

arigatou uta wo utai
hitasura itoshisa wo tsuge
afuredasu omoi wa zutto
hoshi no you ni matataku kara
arigatou meguru chikyuu
anata to watashi wa susumu
mezasu bashou chigatte mo
kawaranai keshiki ga aru

Thank you, sing a song
Tell only about love
Because these overflowing emotions
Will always twinkle like stars
Thank you, rotating Earth
I will go on with you
Even if where we’re heading to is different
There will be the same scenery

ふと甦る(甦る) あの姿(あの姿)

futo yomigaeru (yomigaeru) ano sugata (ano sugata)
kokoro wa sazamekidasu
tsurakunai no wa (daredatte) uso dakedo
kitto obotsukanai kotoba demo tsutaetai…

I suddenly bring back (bring back) that image (that image)
And my heart starts itching
It’s just a lie (for everyone) that it doesn’t hurt, but
I want to tell you even these words I’m not sure of…

ありがとう 此処に逢えた
一つだって忘れないわ いつまでも熱いままで

arigatou koko de aeta
anata to watashi no kiseki
hitotsu datte wasurenai wa itsumademo atsui mama de

Thank you, here we have seen
Yours and my path
The only thing we won’t forget and will always be vivid

廻る地球 貴方と私は進む

arigatou mawaru chikyuu
anata to watashi wa susumu
nigiru te hanarete mo
owaranai kizuna ga aru

Thank you, rotating Earth
I will go on with you
Even if we’ll let our hands go
Our bond will never end


ikusen mo towa wo kasane

Through thousands eternities

2 thoughts on “軌跡 ~ Roselia

  1. Hi! you might never see this but i love your roselia translations! I dont know japanese but I know Chinese and that 軌跡 word is hard to translate… the only close words i can think of are track/ortbit path and and when taken in context obviously means like the roads roselia’s members take and stuff…

    Anyway, thank you so so so much for the translations! I feel like we need more people (like you) who knows how to translate stuff acurately… cuz people who dont know japanese will take translations as it is and its quite hard to know it they are accurate or not…

    1. I usually read all comments right away, unless for some reason I can’t or they are stuck in the spam box, so here I am :D

      Thank you very much for the kind words! I believe the reason why I started translate Roselia’s songs is right because (sadly) the translation I’ve read (except for one) were… Bad -can’t really blame them though, because I too was very bad back there, hence the disclaimer.

      This said, I know what you mean by the fact that people take a translation as it is without even questioning its quality, but well, it can’t be helped. The 90% of the ‘official’ fan translations are bad, so… In the meanwhile, I will keep translating at the best of my abilities, hopefully while keep improving, because Roselia’s songs (and not only) deserve the best translation.

      Random: it enlighted me seeing your comment while working, it made my day better! I hope you’ll stick around!

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