[GSS] Day 01 – Part 04.04c

It’s none of my business if that guy is hitting on Akane.  – Misono

恭司は軽く答えた。 Kyouji faintly answered.
(It’s none of my business if that guy is hitting on Akane.)
ピンと来ない。 He didn’t get it.
恭司が知るあかねと言えば、男勝りで……というか男そのもので、クラス中の男子に恐れられていた凶暴な女の子だ。 The Akane he knew was strong and a bit tomboyish… Or maybe he should say, all the boys inside their class were afraid of rough girls.
そのあかねが、誰かに言い寄られている? そんな馬鹿な。 Who would try hitting on that Akane? How stupid.


(――Ah, no, but…)
……あの時、確かに恭司も、あかねが女だということを、身をもって感じたじゃないか。 …Kyouji was sure about it. That moment, Akane was simply a woman, he saw it with his own eyes.
むっとしていたのが、顔に出たのだろう。あかねが気まずそうに、恭司から目を反らした。 He was angry, it was written all over his face. Akane felt uncomfortable and looked away from Kyouji.
“Err… I’ll go back to class too. I’m on duty today.”
“Ah, okay.”
あかねは身を翻すと、教室の中へ駆け込んでいった。 Akane turned around and ran back to her classroom.

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