[GSS] Day 01 – Part 01


Segments with a * appear after certain requirements are met.

空が高い。高らかに晴れた蒼穹に、白い鱗雲が散っている。 The sky is vast. Many puffy, white clouds are scattered in this vast, blue sky.
秋らしく澄んだ空気のおかげで、今日は遠くの山の尾根もはっきりと見えた。 Today, thanks to the clear, autumnal air, you can see the mountain’s ridge far away.
(That’s Nishimori mountain. Ahead there’s a shrine. Below there’s the forest park and further below there’s the school. …haha, I remember all quite well.)
恭司は自転車を漕ぎながら、流れていく辺りの風景に、思わず笑った。 As he was peddling his bike, Kyouji spontaneously smiled at the scenery passing by.
――さすが田舎。変わってねえなあ。 ――As expected of a rural town. It hasn’t changed.
自分が住んでいた三年前と、ほとんど変化がない。 Not much has changed since when he used to live here, three years ago.
違いといえば、酒屋がコンビニに姿を変え、角のクリーニング屋が、いかにも女の子が好みそうな雑貨屋に姿を変えたくらいだろうか。 Speaking of what’s different, the liquor shop became a convenience store and the dry-cleaner at the corner became that kind of general store girls love.
学校の行き帰りに必ず渡った、線の消えかけた横断歩道。 The lines on the crosswalk he used to cross when going to school begun to fade
白い線だけを踏んで向こう側に渡れた日は、良いことが起こると、胸の内で決め込んでいた子供の頃。 When he was a kid, each time he crossed the road he pretended that good things would have happened if he had stepped only on white lines.
――うん、ちっとも変わってない。 ――Yep, it hasn’t changed at all.
気分が楽になったら、ペダルを漕ぐ足も心なしか軽くなった。 Since he started feeling at ease, he slowed down his peddling without thinking.
三年ぶりの呉仁町、三年ぶりのクラスメイト達。転校というより、里帰りだとでも思えばいいのだ。 The same Kurehito town after three years, the same classmates after three years. Rather than transferring, it’s better thinking about it as a homecoming.
……嫌なヤツらとの再会も待ってはいるかもしれないが、あの頃はお互いガキだった。今となっては、大したことじゃない。 …I might even meet again people I don’t like, people back from when we were all kids. Looking at it now, it’s not a big deal anymore.
“…Whops, let’s go. I have to hurry.”
腕時計の長針は、もうすぐてっぺんに登りそうだ。 The minute hand of his wristwatch was about to hit 12.
恭司は身をぐっと乗り出す。ペダルにかけた足に力を込めると、背中に背負ったバックパックの中身が、カタカタと音を立てた。 Kyouji leaned forward. He started to put more strength into his peddling and this made the backpack he was carrying clattering.
学校の場所は、下見の必要もないくらいに、ちゃんと覚えている。 He didn’t need to check where the school was, he remembered it perfectly.
(Yes, yes, turn around this corner―― Then turn right again, turn around the corner when you see the telephone pole and the brick wall,  and the school will be right there.)
恭司が昔、幼なじみとこっそり潜りこんで遊んだ場所。 In the past Kyouji and his childhood friends used to hide and play there.
赤茶けた土のグラウンド、転がった大きなグローブ、手の届かなかった鉄棒、よじ登ったグリーンの金網。 The dark brown playground, the big rotating globe, the iron bars he couldn’t reach, the green wires he climbed.
今日から恭司が通う学校―― Starting from today, Kyouji will go back to this school――
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