GSS Project FAQ

I felt like I needed this post for Gore Screaming Show’s translation. Just use ctrl+f to check if what you want to ask is already below, or skim through it~

Q: Will you really finish translating GSS?
A: Yes, even if it will take time.

Q: When will I see the full script translated?
A: I would say at least couple of years, but who knows.

Q: How frequently will GSS’ translation be updated?
A: Since I am currently aiming to update everything by complete days, probably every two-three months, but depending on chapters’ (read: days’) length, as well as my free time, the updates may be less or more frequent.

Q: Will you update the script by routes or by chapters/days?
A: By both. At first I will update the script by chapters since there aren’t many differences, but after I will divide them by routes.

Q: Which route order you will follow?
A: Akane → Aoi → Misono → Yamiko → Yuka → Mashiro.

Q: How is the script organized?
A: Every time there is a choice, or there is a variation into the script due to different paths, there will be a link redirecting you. You simply have to follow it according to what you’re doing in the game.

Q: I can’t find the next part of the script! Why?
A: Probably that part hasn’t been translated yet. You can check the script progress here. If you notice a missing line or part from a script that is supposed to be complete, contact me and I will fix it as soon as possible.

Q: Will you make a patch for GSS?
A: I have no plans in making it due to GSS’ complex (for me) engine, but I can’t exclude it either –besides, I translate stuffs, I don’t make patches. Maybe in another five or six years, who knows…

Q: Can I use your translation for a no-profit patch?
A: Yes, all I require is to be credited, but before doing so, please contact me.

Q: I’ve read the FAQ, but I still have a question. Where can I contact you?
A: See the contact page.

Q: A download link is down! What can I do?
A: Contact me by checking the contact page, or leave comment by pointing out which download link is down.

Q: I’ve spotted an error in the translation/script! How can I tell you?
A: Take a look at the contact page, or leave comment below.

2 thoughts on “GSS Project FAQ

  1. Words cannot express how hyped I am for this translation, I’ve been wanting a translation of this game ever since I found out about it! Keep up the great work!

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