GSS TL Project – Let’s get started

The following post is a sort of “disclaimer” section about Gore Screaming Show’s translation project, so the only thing you will see translate here is the option menu –but don’t worry, the prologue will be out in a week.

About the translation: this, like all the other translations on this blog, is by no means a definitive nor an official one, so be patient. Also, though the majority (if not all) the people reading this should know all the Japanese honorifics and their meaning, I’ve decided to not use them during the translation because it’s, well, a translation.

Whenever necessary (read: the honorific is not used normally or it’s a very formal situation) I’ve translated them according to its nuisance in context (i.e., Sadashima-sama as Master Sadashima), even if this is extremely arguable. Further translation notes are written right below their respective phrase.

Last thing, keep in mind that there are errors. There might be distraction errors, links errors, misspelled errors, grammatical errors, translation errors… and so on. Though I try to revise everything before posting,  including what I’ve translated back in early 2015, and though I’ve spotted (and corrected) some errors, there might be more. Feel free to point them out if you see them~

Since nothing else comes to my mind right now, I’ll move on the option screen, which someone might (just might) find useful.


In terms of visual, the Gore Filtering Level adds lightbeams instead of pixels. As for the writing, I haven’t tested it, so I’m not sure what are the differences. But you’re playing Gore Screaming Show, so you won’t block anything, right?

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