Peaceful Romancer ~ SOUTH OF HEAVEN

I’m not exactly sure about if it’s because I’m not that confident about PC-98’s lore, or if it’s because there are a lot of archaisms here, or maybe it’s just because we’re talking about Touhou, but I feel like this song is a lot confusing; I can’t really figure out if it wants to follow grim-dark tones or if it is just full of references to the games. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy it despite it. No pic because I am quite lazy today, sorry~

Requested by Cristobal


Title: Peaceful Romancer
Vocals: яisa, 苺依 (Mai/shaira)
Lyrics: tori
Arrangement: IKUTO
Album: 東方鋼鉄楽団
Event: C80
Original: Peaceful Romancer | Touhou 5 Mystic Square | Extra Ending Theme

Peaceful Romancer


hito no me ni mienai, shima wa tayutoi
akai chishio mo juusei mo nami ga nagasu.

People can’t see this wavering island
Where red blood, gunshots and waves flow


eiyuutachi no koe mo kakikesare, nomareteyuku
kuromakutachi ga aoru, akuma no mitsugetsu

Even the heroes’ voice is being erasing, engulfed
The masterminds inflame the devil’s honeymoon


musouka no ansoku no yume, okasarete warae
kano monodomo ni wazawai wo to semete negau

A dreamer’s resting dream, when a crime’s committed, laugh
At least wish to they for misfortune


onore wo mamoru tate mo hoko mo sutesari
harabai ni nari fumareru
sonna seigi wo

I throw the spear and the shield that protects me
Stepped over as I crawl on the ground
Such is justice


hokori mo kokkyo sura kezurarete sasagerareru
anata no kao no hifu wa donna iro desu ka?

Pride, even nation’s boundaries, are shove and sacrificed
Of what color is the skin of your face?


doukeshi no juujun no yume, haribote wa hagare
kumon no yosei wo okuru koro, semete inoru

A clown’s meek dream, peeling papier mache
At least wish to they to spend the rest of their anguish life


petenshi no kyoushin no yume, yatsuzaki ni sarete
sono gyokuza kara hikidzurarete hametsu wo ima

An imposter’s fanatic dream, where limbs are tore away
As destruction is dragged away from the throne, now

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