Snow Sound ~ FELT


Yet another translation which has already been done by someone else and thus probably unnecessary, yet watching a certain video on YouTube made me decide to work on it –and since their lyrics usually aren’t hard, it’s somewhat relaxing translating them.

Though I’m not a big FELT’s fan, I still appreciate their songs for most. This one, especially, has this very soothed melody and makes me feel so calm when I listen to it. Also, it’s not a Touhou arrangement, so it’s a nice break –even though recently I think my Touhou requests and original requests have been more or less half-half.

Requested by Senar Tonggos


手にとることを | Unable to”; lit., “(The snow) doesn’t allow to obtain/catch itself and breaks”. It’s not a necessary note, but I just wanted to point out how the scenery depicted here it’s very powerful, even though I decided to translate it as “slip through”.

Title: Snow Sound
Vocals: 舞花 (Maika)
Lyrics: NAGI☆
Composition: NAGI☆
Arrangement: NAGI☆
Circle: FELT
Album: Fairy Queen
Event: C79

Snow Sound

ふと立ち止まった瞬間 ふわり雪が落ちてきて
手にとることを許さず 壊れていくだけ

futo tachitomatta shunkan fuwari yuki ga ochitekite
tenitoru koto wo yurusazu kowareteiku dake

When I stopped, snow was gently falling down
Unable to catch it, it just slips through

忘れたふりをして 逃げ道を探して 心で泣いているの

wasureta furiwoshite nigemichi wo sagashite kokoro de naiteiru no

Pretending to have forgotten, I search for a way out, crying on the inside

その笑顔の意味を わかる時がきたら
雪化粧についた足跡が消える頃に 零れた涙

sono egao no imi wo wakaru toki ga kitara
mou kore ijou furimukanaide
yukigejou ni tsuita ashiato ga kieru koro ni koboreta namida

If you will ever understand the meaning of my smile
You won’t look back anymore
When your footsteps disappeared from the snow, I cried

朝をまつ遠い空に そっと面影を見せた
失うことを恐れて 触れられはしない

asa wo matsu tooi sora ni sotto omokage wo miseta
ushinau koto wo osorete furerare wa shinai

In the distant sky, awaiting the morning, I saw your face
Afraid of losing something, I couldn’t touch it

過去に残してきた 悔しさを背負って 立ち止まっているの

kako ni noshitekita kuyashisa wo seotte tachitomatteiru no

Is the frustration left in the past you’re burdened with stopping you?

心の中はずっと 春を向かえられず
進まない 時の中で

kokoro no naka wa zutto haru wo mukaerarezu
kodoku na jikan dake ga eien ni
ano toki kieteitta ashiato wo horikaeshiteru
susumanai toki no naka de

Within my heart, I’ve never been able to face spring
Only the times of loneliness last forever
I’m digging up those footprints that disappeared that moment
I can’t go on inside time

心についた傷の 治し方もわからず
何もしないのは 自分への戒め
壁に背を向けて 俯いていても
変われない さあカギをあけて

kokoro nitsuita kizu no naoshikata mo wakarazu
nanimo shinai no wa jibun e no imashime
kabe ni se wo mukete utsumuiteitemo
kawarenai saa kagi wo akete

I don’t even know how to heal the wounds in my heart
Your doing nothing was to punish me
Even with your back against the wall, looking down
Nothing will change, so, open the lock

その笑顔の意味を わかる時がきたら

sono egao no imi wo wakaru toki ga kitara
mou kore ijou furimukanaide
kioku ni nokoshita ashiato wo tadotteiku yo
haru wo todoke ni

If I will ever understand the meaning of your smile
I won’t look back anymore
I will follow the footsteps left in my memories
Leading to spring

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