Unrequited ~ Sennzai

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Just a little note before the actual translation; the lyrics leave a lot of space to interpretations and, though it’s clear it’s a song about a love “unrequited” written under the point of view of the rejected person, there are a lot of points that are left to our imagination. I tried my best to keep the hazy atmosphere and meaning in here, thus I can only hope you will appreciate it, but it’s probably not good enough for this kind of lyrics.


Title: Unrequited
Vocals: Sennzai
Lyrics: Sennzai
Composition: Powerless
Arrangement: Powerless
Album: Arrêter le temps
Event: M3-38


戯れ言は 核を捉えずに
広がる霧に 捕われて
逃げること 選ぶこと出来ず
ただ 受け入れていた

zaregoto wa kaku wo toraezu ni
hirogaru kiri ni torawarete
nigeru koto erabu koto dekizu
tada ukeireteita

Pranks didn’t grasp the core
Caught in a vast fog
I couldn’t escape, nor choose
But I accepted it

凍る心 探してた此処を
穢れ無い 君のその手を

kooru kokoro sagashiteta koko wo
kegarenai kimi no sono te wo

My frozen heart was searching this place and
Those unstained hands of yours

君の眼に映る 景色だ
偽りだとしても それで良いの
私が消えても 君だけは
泣いてくれると 願ってた

kimi no me ni utsuru keshiki da
itsuwari da toshitemo sore de ii no
watashi ga kietemo kimi dake wa
naite kureru to negatteta

Reflected in your eyes, a scenery
It’s fine, even if it’s just a lie
I prayed that, if I disappeared
You would have at least cried

想いは募る その声は いつの日か
無垢な瞳 その言葉 残酷に

omoi wa tsunoru sono koe wa itsu no hi ka
kazumu darou ka
muku na hitomi sono kotoba zankoku
kagi wo tsuranite

My feelings grow stronger; will one day your voice
Become blurry?
For your pure eyes, these words, cruelly
Held the key

君の眼に映る 景色だ
此れが結末と 胸を抉る
私が消えても 君だけは
前を向いてと 願ってる

kimi no me ni utsuru keshiki ga
kore ga ketumatsu to mune wo eguru
watashi ga kiete mo kimi dake wa
mae wo muite to negatteru

Reflected in your eyes, a scenery
This is the end engraving my heart
I’m praying that, if I disappear
You will at least look back

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