Blind Night Sorrow ~ Thousand Leaves


Considering we are talking about screams, checking the romaji is pretty much impossible. This said, I hope you will enjoy the translation despite it. Also, it’s nice to have Thousand Leaves (and old event songs) to translate~

Though I still like more their instrumental, but that’s as usual my personal taste.

Requested by BurstDigiSoul


There are a few references to Mystia’s theme and character title; due to this, I’ve left them as they are translated at the moment within the Touhou Wikipedia for a better understanding. Also, the last phrase has been translated a lot liberal since I think in this way reflects better the original text feelings –and sounds better in my opinion.

Title: Blind Night Sorrow
Vocals: Abecky
Lyrics: Abecky
Arrangement: Thousand Leaves
Event: C77
Original: もう歌しか聞こえない | Deaf to all but the song | Lorelei Mystia’s Theme

Blind Night Sorrow

狂わす 歌と闇で惑わす力 夜雀の怪
姿はなく声だけが 闇から木霊す

kuruwasu uta to yami de madowasu chikara yosuzume no kai
sugata wa naku koe dake ga yami kara kodamasu

Driven mad by the seducing power of song and darkness, night sparrow apparition
Without an appearance, just your voice resounds in the darkess

彼女は 道行く人を惑わす 決して帰れない
響いてくるこの胸に 闇からの歌が
Intensely and sadness 感じて…

kanojo wa michiyuku hito wo madowasu kesshite kaerenai
hibiitekuru kono mune ni yami kara no uta ga
Intensely and sadness kanjite…

The girl deceives those walking this road, unable to go back
The song from the darkness resounds within this chest
Intensely and sadness, feel it…

もう歌しか聞こえない 切なさだけが残る
やまない雨のように 永遠に

mou uta shika kikoenai setsunasa dake ga nokoru
yamanai ame no youni eien ni

Deaf to all but the song, only pain is left
For the eternity, like a never ending rain

Blind Night Bird!

Intensely and sadness わかって…

Intensely and sadness wakatte…

Intensely and sadness, understand it…

もう歌しか聞こえない 怒りにも似た感情
やまない雨のように 突き刺さる

mou uta shika kikoenai ikari ni mo nita kanjou
yamanai ame no youni tsukisasaru

Deaf to all but the song, there’s a feeling similar to anger
Stabbing through, like a never ending rain

この私を… 受け入れて… この私を… 許して…

kono watashi wo… ukeirete… kono watashi wo… yurushite…

Pleace, accept… accept me… please, forgive… forgive me…

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