翳り空 ~ Primary


Though this song isn’t related to Saya no Uta, I feel like this picture fits the melody. Maybe it’s because in my mind I associate this song to very bright colors that somehow leave a nostalgic and unsettling feeling, but still makes you feel calm.

What to say, I’m always glad to see people requesting anything from Primary. I love this band, I love Meis Clauson’s compositions, I love yuiko’s lyrics and voice; among the original circles around there, they’re probably my favorite one together with Absolute Castaway.

This said, it’s always a pleasure to translate their lyrics; though they may not be the best lyrics ever created, I simply love how they feel so connected between themselves –and sometimes they are truly connected; just think about “fragile garden” and “In the garden”.

I apologize once again for the delay; the bright side is that now I’m more or less half-way through my queue list. Which means I will probably open them again soon enough.

Requested by Ayakoji


翳り空”, “Cloudy Sky”.

今日までの | If all the sadness”; literally it means “If the sadness (I’ve accumulated) up until today (…)”, but as the song is, I’ve decided to modify it a little. It sounds way more “musical” and fluid like this, in my opinion.
どうして | Tell me”; here it’s really just “why”, but I wanted to keep the “indirect” question within this passage, thought I might have lost all the emphasis like this.

Title: 翳り空
Vocals: yuiko
Lyrics: yuiko
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: Primary
Album: fragile garden/翳り空
Event: M3-33



honno sukoshi mieta kumomo kara
sashikomu hikari ni
kasanari toketeiku
chiisana negai wo
aa kiite

Look quickly between the clouds
The light beyond them
Piled up, is dissolving
It won’t get through
There’s a little wish
Ah, listen


nandomo tsubuyate mata kidzuku
imi no nai yume to
genjitsu no mayoi wo kakushiteru
mitsukaranai youni
tashika ni aru setsunasa wo
gomakashite nigeta no wa
yowasugite mitomenai kokoro

Muttered many times, I still get it
This dream with no meaning
And the doubts of reality I’m hiding
So that they won’t be found
I’m sure the pain that lies here
Was deceived by what ran away,
Too frail, unable to accept it: my heart


kyou made no kanashimi subete kiete shimaeba ii
itsuwari no kanjou wa ima mata zutto ki wo nokoshite

If all this sadness could just disappear, it would be fine
All these fake emotions once again are still leaving scars
And I keep crying


itsuka wa hareru darou shinjiteta
imi mo wakarazu ni
sakasama ni utsutta sora wo mite
nani wo omou darou
hontou wa mieteta no ni
ano sora no iro no youni
nigotta kokoro no mamaja

I believed it would have been sunny
I don’t even understand why
Look at the sky reflected upside down
What do you think?
In truth what you saw was
A heart that became impure
Similar to the sky’s colors
It won’t do it


doushitemo susumenai
michi ni tachitomari unazuku
hontou wa itsumademo
akirametakunai koto da to
shittete mo

No matter what, I won’t go on
I will stop on this road and nod
The truth is, though
I’ve always known there are things
I can’t give up on


ashimoto wa sukoshidzutsu
suna ni umorete ugokenai mama
jikan dake ga sugiteyuku
ima mo kieru no

I’m a coward
My steps, little by little, are
Covered by sand, until I can’t move
Only time is keep passing
Vanishing even now


kyou made no kashimi subete sora e to nagete mo
hone ga sasatta mama no kono shinzou wa ima mo tomaranai

Tell me why
Even if I’ve already throw this whole sadness in the sky
There is still a bone stuck into this heart that even now won’t stop
I keep crying

6 thoughts on “翳り空 ~ Primary

    1. No problem! Thank you for your comment and for your waiting! I apologize once again for the way too long delay, it’s pretty much inexcusable ;w;/

      1. No prob, really! I can only be grateful that I can now read it, and all the wait was worth it ;w;
        Thank you again, and I hope to see more beautiful translations like this one!

      2. Thank you for understanding! Hopefully I will be able to increase the number of my translations per month in the near future, so there will also be more Primary’s and other bands I love’s translations. I will keep doing my best \*w*/!

  1. Oh god! I found a nice singer thank you so much for this I really love the lyrics it makes me fly off somewhere I want to go somewhere, someplace, that does not exist.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad you like my translation and I’m even more glad that they make you feel like this; that’s what I want to achieve whenever I translate anything, so I’m super happy I was able to reach it even for a just a bit \*O*/

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