Gore Screaming Show – Stuffs and News

As you’ve surely noticed, it’s been a lot of time since my last update over GSS, so much time that it probably looked like I’ve dropped it.

Sadly, I didn’t had time to move on it the past year due to work, but now that I’m in Japan and have started to understand better the language, I will keep translating it. Slowly, but I will do it. I may as well revise everything I’ve done up until this point since I believe there are things I couldn’t get back there due to my lack of Japanese skills and fully understand when and how using certain words.

This stated, it will probably –surely- take years before ending this project and I will probably go back to my initial plan: just writing the translated script on my blog, with no true patch (though this really depends upon other people; after literally disappearing for some reasons I’m not sure how much they are willing to join forces once again).

And that’s all. With the hope you will understand, I wish you a good day.


3 thoughts on “Gore Screaming Show – Stuffs and News

  1. thats really good to know, hopes this can became a official translation one day like happen in subarashiki hibi, that will be a win win for everyone

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