inside,outside ~ Primary


And thus, I’m back.

By the time you will read this post, I will be flying to Japan. I haven’t translated anything for more than a year, so be aware all the posts you will see from today to a few months after, are those I prepared back in 2014.

My translation queue is incredibly long right now, due to work I haven’t been able to do anything, but don’t expect anything translated anytime soon: first, I want to improve in Japanese, then, once I will be settled there, with a better knowledge of the language, I will start to translate again.

This said, I don’t have anything more to write here right now, so I will just bid you all a farewell. Stay tuned and see you soon!

Title: inside,outside
Vocals: yuiko
Lyrics: yuiko
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Circle: Primary
Album: CUBE
Event: C75


信じてた景色も 隻影にのまれて
微かな記憶さえ 偽りなのか 薄れて

shinjiteta keshiki mo sekiei ni nomarete
kasuka na kioku sae itsuwari nanoka usurete

The place I believed in has been swallowed up
My faint memories, were they all lies? Disappearing


yagate kuzureru toki wo 「tomete」 negatta kinou wa

And that the collapsed time would “stop”, I prayed yesterday

わずかな命に 枯れぬ花 埋める そっと…

wazukana inochi ni karenu hana umeru sotto…

A short lived, non-wilted flower is buried quietly…

心揺らす現実 脳裏かすめる音が
風にすべてちぎられ 瞼重く刺さった

kokoro yurasu genjitsu nouri kasumeru oto ga
kaze ni subete chigirare mabuta omoku sasatta

Reality shaking my heart. Sounds crossing my mind
All torn by the wind. My eyelids firmly shut

疑う事だけ知った 錆びた手
奥まで届かず 消えた

utagau koto dake shitta sabita te
oku made todokazu kieta

I doubt what I knew. A rusted hand
Can’t reach my heart, disappeared

求め続けても 二度と触れる事できずに

motome tsudzukete mo nidoto fureru koto dekizu ni
jibun no iru basho wa 「dochiraka」 owaranai sekai

And I kept wishing. I won’t be able to feel anything again
My place where to be, “Where is it?”, a never-ending world

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