永遠夜 ~ Mistery Circle


Since the first part is actually an introduction to the whole album, I’ve preferred translating it all together and not paragraph by paragraph, leaving the romaji out. I think it creates a better atmosphere in this way.

Requested by Jacob.


永遠夜”, “eien yoru”, “Eternal night”.

Note that “小我/ordinary self” and “大我/true self” are pronounced as “my little self” and “my grown up self”

Title: 永遠夜
Vocals: 紫 (Yukari)
Lyrics: 久遠ゆん (Yun Kudo)
Arrangement: YOUKI
Circle: Mistery Circle
Album: 現世メランコリイ
Event: C83
Original: 妖魔夜行 | Apparitions Stalk the Night | Touhou 6 the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil | Rumia’s Theme

———— 魂を求めた、穢れることの無い魂を ————

———— The soul I sought, was an uncorrupted soul ————


I can hear them.
I can hear these loud laughs.
Resignation and pessimism, hypocritical wills stained with hatred, they will destroy this endless night.
In this crumbled life, there is a musical scale of misanthropy.
They are all skyscrapers of sand.


Crumbling, that is my will.
The world, myself, until they will be empty, in this collapsing life, my sin will be a deceived smile.
Inherited the devil’s power, as the future burns, falls, goes up in smoke, I sorrowfully look at my own darkness.
I won’t become a clay doll.


Perhaps, you have already realized it.
At the end of this dark, contorted pessimism, I have obtained the world.
Maybe that girl is just like me.


My name is Belial.
The devil who lures at the crossroads at night.
The girl won’t come back.
The world won’t come back.
You can request only one thing, solely my own body’s destruction.


Pessimism means life.
Life means pessimism.
You will never be able to meet me again.

———— 此れを“悪魔の手記”として、彼女の骸、そして魂に捧ぐ

———— As in the “Devil’s memorandum”, the girl’s corpse, then offered to his soul.


両手を広げるほど 全てが遠ざかる
囁く呪文は 典麗流麗

ryoute wo hirogeru hodo subete ga toozakaru
「yoiyami no pave」
sasayaku jumon wa tenrei ryuurei

As I open both my hands, everything fade away
“The dusk’s pave”
I whisper a graceful and elegant spell


nuritsubusare nomikomareteiku
fureta mono ni yoru wo atae

I’m being stained, I’m begin engulfed
I grant darkness to what I touch


chikara toiu kase
「chiisa ware no ido ni reikou wo」

Abilities are shackles
“A mysterious light over my ordinary self”

繰り返される 輪廻を超えて いつか出会える

kurikaesareru rinne wo koete itsuka deaeru

Again, across the samsara, one day I’ll meet you

叶わないなら 切り落としてよ
決して繋がれない手を 伸ばし続ける

kanawanai nara toriotoshite yo
kesshite tsunagarenai te wo nobashi tsudzukeru

If it won’t come true, cut it off
You keep stretch out a hand I’ll never hold

誰かを求めるほど 時間は遡る

dareka wo motomeru hodo jikan wa sakanoboru

As you search for somebody, time rewinds

解かれた呪縛は 艶麗瑰麗

「tokoyami no veiru」
tokareta jubaku wa enrei kairei

“The dusk’s pave”
I unveil a dazzling and gorgeous curse


ue ni nomare kurai tsukushita
kubiwa no nai yami no kemono

Exhausted, consumed by its own hunger
The beast of darkness without collar


ikiru toiu tsumi
「ooki ware no sore ni shoukou wo」

Living is a sin
“Passing time with my true self”

侵食される 転生の果て それは蔓延る

shinshokusareru tensei no hate sore wa habikoru

Eroded, the end of reincarnation runs wild

届かないなら 絞め殺してよ
決して涙しない瞳で 見つめ続ける

todokanai nara shimekoroshite yo
kesshite namidashinai hitomi de mitsume tsudzukeru

If it won’t come back, I’ll strangle
You keep looking at eyes that will never shed tears

空を亡くした 少女のために 僕は祈ろう

sora wo nakushita shoujou no tame ni boku wa inorou

For the sake of the girl who got rid of the sky, I pray

君にもいつか 聴こえるだろう

kimi ni mo itsuka kikoeru darou
tsugeru akatsuki kane no oto

You too one day will hear them
The chimes that mark the dawn

鍵の無い扉 気づかないままで————

sora wo nakushita shoujou wa juyuu wo shirazu
kagi no nai tobira kidzukanai mama de————

The girl who got rid of the sky doesn’t know freedom
She won’t notice the door has no key————

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