Cosmic Horoscope ~ GET IN THE RING


Requested by Nylia/0P2C


Note that some words are sung overlapped and, since they also have a very similar pronunciation, you may not hear them –like イメトレ (imetore)/ 明と黎 (mei to rei) in the first stanza. There are also some puns, if they can be called “puns”, done by decomposing words; I wasn’t able to keep them simply because in English they are already separated words –though they should be quite obvious even in the translation. Also, the song has references to some of the themes arranged.

reincarnationしてもまだ | Even with”; I personally don’t hear “刺激不足”, but again, I don’t have the booklet so I can’t check this out and I don’t have any clues about what the actual word is.
蒼い地球 | Within”; the word used for “world/Earth” is pronounced as “star”.

Title: Cosmic Horoscope
Vocals: みぃ (Mie), めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop/Merami)
Lyrics: Jell
Arrangement: GHCM
Album: “Activity” Case:04 -Cosmic Horoscope-
Event: C87
Original: 天空のグリニッジ | Greenwich in the Sky | 大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy | Celestial Wizardry ~ Magical Astronomy
車椅子の未来宇宙 | The Wheelchair’s Future in Space | 大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy | Celestial Wizardry ~ Magical Astronomy
衛星カフェテラス | Satellite Café Terrace | 大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy | Celestial Wizardry ~ Magical Astronomy
G Free | 大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy | Celestial Wizardry ~ Magical Astronomy
大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy | Celestial Wizardry ~ Magical Astronomy | 大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy | Celestial Wizardry ~ Magical Astronomy

Cosmic Horoscope

現と世組み立てシミュレイション 事実≠真実
陰と陽 すべてautomationもっとリアルなSFは何処?
I need youを問う 君の声さえも 仕組まれたこの時代のunrefined

gen to sei kumitate shimyureishon jijitsu≠shinjitsu
in to you subete automation motto riaru na SF na doko?
kyou mo kyou to te isogashii imetore
mei to rei kara terraforming shita ai ni ijuu
I need you wo tou kimi no koe saemo shikumareta kono jidai no unrefined

Present and world, the framework of simulation where facts ≠ truth
Yin and yang, all this automation, where’s a more real SF?
Today, today too I’m busy with trainings
From light and dark, I moved to terraforming love
I need you, I say. Even your voice has been devised by this unrefined epoch

相乗的に高まる 願望が呼んだpandemic

soujou teki ni takamaru ganbou ga yonda pandemic

Becoming more synergistic, desires called this pandemic

形骸化した時間の中で 声だけが彷徨う
水面下では銀河の果て 夢遊病の甘い後遺症
衝動的に口走った星間旅行 このまま二人
二人向こう側の月へ Going, Glowing, Gaining, Starting Over!

keigaika shita toki no naka de koe dake ga samayou
suimenka de wa ginga no hate muyuubyou no amai kouishou
shoudouteki ni kuchibashitta seikan ryukou kono mama futari
futari mukou gawa no tsuki e Going, Glowing, Gaining, Starting Over!

Inside the empty shell of time, only my voice is wandering
Underwater, the Milky Way’s end is a sleepwalking’s sweet symptom
Interstellar journey, I impulsively blurted out. The two of us,
The two of us to other side of the moon. Going, Glowing, Gaining, Starting Over!

今じゃデートも宇宙ステイション 此処では役に立たないGMT
どんな結末でも構わない We are Cosmopolitan

ima ja deeto mo uchuu suteishon koko de wa yakunitatanai GMT
reincarnation shitemo mada issho 24/7 dake ja shigeki fusoku
michite wa kakeru tsuki no you na smile
osanai eien no supeesu roman
donna ketsumatsu demo kamawanai We are Cosmopolitan

Now, there are dates on space stations. Here, the GMT is useless
Even with reincarnation, only staying together 24/7 is not enough
What’s full, is your waning moon-like smile
A childish, eternal space romance
That doesn’t matter how it’ll end. We are Cosmopolitan

蒼い地球の中で 二人出逢えたこと
盲目の女神でも 運命と言って
超高速で流れる 情報の波にbe confusing

aoi hoshi no naka de futari deaeta koto
muumoku no megami demo unmei to itte
chuukousoku de nagareru jouhou no nami ni be confusing

Within the blue world, we have been able to meet
But the blind goddess spoke our fate
In the wave of news, flowing at ultra-high speed, be confusing

最上階から眺めていた 流星群と箒星
億千回の願いに翔けて 想像力は無限大上昇
高層 摩天に書き殴った方程式の先は 遥か
遥か遠い明日に交わるCalling, Craving, Climbing, Crazy Full Moon!

saijoukai kara nagameteita ryuuseigun to houkiboshi
osenkai no negai nikakete souzouryoku wa mugendai joushou
kousou maten ni kakinagutta houteishiki no saki wa haruka
haruka tooi ashita ni majiwaru Calling, Crawing, Climbing, Crazy Full Moon!

We looked from the top floor at the meteors and comets
Soaring in hundreds of thousands of millions wishes an endless imagination
Scribbled over a multistoried skyscraper, the previous formula, far away
Far away, entwined with a distant tomorrow Calling, Craving, Climbing, Crazy Full Moon!

映す水面は 夜の風に優しく
また誰もが 街の灯りに溶けてく
小指の約束 光る闇を泳いでいつか

utsusu minamo wa yoru no kaze ni yasashiku
mata daremo ga machi no akari ni toketeku
koyubi no yakusoku hikaru yami wo oyoide itsuka
kimi to hoshi no umi e

Over the water, the night’s wind blows, gently
Again, someone dissolves into the town’s light
Our fingers crossed for a promise; one day, I will swim into a bright dark
With you, towards the sea of stars

停滞化した時間もやがて 雑踏に埋まるだろう
遠ざかった大空に魔術 信じてよもう一度だけ
一方的に解き明かした 人工的・秘と封の世界

teitai kashita toki mo yagate zattou ni uzumaru darou
toozakatta oozora ni majutsu shinjite yo mou ichido dake
ippouteki ni tokiakashita jinkouteki・hi to buu no sekai
kyoukai nara itsumo koeteku G-0⇒G-0

Finally, even the stagnating time flows, surrounded by the bustle
Only one more time, believe into the distant firmament, into wizardry
A one-sided explanation to the unnatural・the secret and sealing world
As long as there are boundaries, we’ll cross them G-0⇒G-0

もう限界とか冗談でしょう? 天蓋蹴って飛び立とう
幻想か、あるいは真実か 望遠鏡を覗き込んで さあ
未来宇宙へ解き放ってCosmic horoscopeこのまま二人
二人夢見たあの月へCalling, Craving, Climbing, Crazy?
Going, Glowing, Gaining, Starting Over!

mou kyoukai toka joudan deshou? tengai kette tobidatou
gensou ka, arui wa shinjitsu ka bouenkyou wo nozokikonde saa
mirai uchuu e tokihanatte Cosmic horoscope kono mama futari
futari yume mita ano tsuki e Calling, Craving, Climbing, Crazy?
Going, Glowing, Gaining, Starting Over!

Aren’t limits funny? I jump into the dome
Is this an illusion, or reality? I look at the telescope. Look
Our future in space is here, the Cosmic horoscope for the two of us
The two of us to that dreamt moon. Calling, Craving, Climbing, Crazy?
Going, Glowing, Gaining, Starting Over!

4 thoughts on “Cosmic Horoscope ~ GET IN THE RING

  1. you said you have no booklet and just wrote the lyrics by hearing?
    how did you hear “G-0⇒G-0” whatever that means? is that a weird japanese joke cause if it is, please translate it to english cause i hear something completely else from the lyrics :P.

    1. I don’t own the booklet, so I can’t check if lyrics found on-line are 100% correct or some parts are mispelled.
      Also, sorry for the very late replay

      1. Thank you! I quickly checked them and well. Assuming the transcription is 100% accurate, sadly when Merami sings “G-0⇒G-0” she says “somethingIdon’tget zero kara line? zero”, so it’s still a question mark -and I believe even by checking the original booklet nothing would change.
        Anyway, thank you!

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