走 ~ The Root of Heads


And with this I’m half-way. Even if it’s a little more than half because I’ve already translated “咎める翳”. Maybe I’ll leave a link in the next post.

Speaking about links, I should really do an archive section, or better, a more organized archive section since so far I’ve never bothered arranging them and left all my translations divided only by month. I was thinking about a circle/band alphabetical order followed by the album published chronologically. But I’m lazy. But I will do it sooner or later. Slowly. Very slowly. Maybe by 2015 something will be done. Maybe.

A little note about the song. The two lines at the very bottom of the booklet (which should correspond to the chorus) are nearly impossible to read. I’ve tried decipher them by using 00-77’s lyrics, where it’s used the same font but, unlikely here, it’s readable. I have no idea which language is it though, nor if it’s an actual language, nor if I’ve read the right letters.


”, “hashiru”, “Running”. I’m not sure if it’s better translating the title as “Run” or as “Running”, but in the end I’ve picked the latter one. I’m not even sure how am I supposed to read the kanji alone, since as far as I know it can also be pronounced as “sou”. Apologizes.

その声は | That voice”; note that literally the second part is “The words of my prayers”. I’m not too sure, but I believe it’s not the first time I translate a similar structure by “removing” part of it and well, I think it fits better in this way. Speaking about words “removed”, I’ve decided to translate the phrase below simply as “All my prayers (…) resounding” instead of “(…) strongly resounding”.
始まる前に | It began”; literally, the latter part of this phrase should be translated as something like “Please, I want to come with you/to go with you”, but it can also mean “I want to go where you are” and many other things since… there’s no verb, and using “始まる” as the main verb of “どうかあなたの元へ” makes no sense, so I thought the main verb omitted is “行く”. I’m opened to suggestions anyway.

Title: 走
Vocals: yuiko
Lyrics: yuiko
Composition: Meis Clauson
Arrangement: Meis Clauson
Album: DastinIa
Circle: The Root of Heads
Event: M3-28

その声は確かに告げた 祈りの言葉を
誰もいない丘の上にも 響く強さで

sono koe wa tashikani tsugeta inori no kotoba wo
daremo inai oka no ue ni mo hibiku tsuyosa de

That voice surely said them, all my prayers
Atop the hill, where there’s nobody, resounding

羽ばたく鳥 ざわめいた森

habataku tori zawameita mori
nagareteta kawa mo naku
sukoshizutsu fueteiku kumo
uzumaita fuan no kage

The flapping birds, the noisy forest and
The flowing river, are no more
Little by little, the clouds increased
Anxiety pervaded me

駆け出した この足よ止まらないで
誰かの意識 流れ込んだままで
息も吸えず 駆け下りる坂道で
選んだ先は あの人の住む国

kakedashita kono ashi yo tomaranai de
dareka no ishiki nagarekonda mama de
iki mo suezu kakeoriru sakamichi de
eranda saki wa ano hito no sumu kuni

I started running. These feet won’t stop
Someone’s consciousness flowed into me
I can’t even breathe as I ran down the hill
I’ve chosen the land where that person lives in

約束を交わした丘を 背にして走る
許されぬ人と知ってた それでもいつかは…

yakusoku wo kawashita oka wo se ni shite hashiru
yurusarenu hito to shitteta soredemo itsuka wa…

We exchanged a promise and as I run enclosed by hills
I knew I couldn’t forgive people, but even so, someday…

枯れた木々 怯える生命
わずかだけ 残った能力

kareta kigi obieru inochi
mita koto no nai koukei
wazuka dake nokotta chikara
tomaranai munasawagi

Trees withered, I became afraid of life
What I saw is no more, in my sight
The only thing left was power
This uneasiness doesn’t stop

今すぐに伝えなければ 全て
始まる前に どうかあなたの元へ…

imasugu ni tsutaenakereba subete
zetsubou kara nigererarenaku naru
kono sora kara ochiyuku kanashiki ame
hajimaru maeni douka anata no moto e…

If don’t say it immediately, nothing
Will be able to escape from despair
From this sky is falling down a sad rain
It began before. Please, let me go with you…

Aile Carsneo Ae… Aile Carsneo Je
Aile Carleoh Ae… Aile Carleoh Je

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